Police and Boards Have Budgets Approved



A bevy of Third Party Boards had their budgets approved at Wednesday night's Budget Committee meeting.

Murals of Moose Jaw 

After a brief discussion on how this Third Party Board’s budget was cut in 2016 Budget Committee decided to approve $13,158 for 2019.

The Board had previously requested an additional $9,000 in their allotment – total of $22,158 -  allow to for the repair and restoration of aging murals.

Budget Committee's vote was 5 – 2 with Councilors Scott Mann and Brian Swanson opposed.

Moose Jaw Cultural Centre

After a year of successes - including ridding themselves of a problem tenant - the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre had a budget request of $157,509 approved in a 6 – 1 vote with Councilor Swanson opposed.

Moose Jaw Public Library 

The Library's budgets request of $1,190,460 was approved 6 – 1 with Councilor Swanson opposed.

Moose Jaw Airport Authority

After debate where two Council members pointed out the low priority of funding the new Airport Authority the flyers received $146,646 in funding.

The funds come from lease rates of hanger space at $30,516, farmland lease payments of $$86,130 and an annual operating grant of $30,000.

Budget Committee said the amounts need to be offset with the $27,562 spent to service the Municipal Airport and a $15,000 annual capital investment. 

The new Airport Authority adds up to $104,084 in funds additional to what was previously spent when it was a Municipal Airport and not an Airport Authority it is presently transitioning to. 

Councilor Dawn Luhning requested to no what services and capital investments the City was relinquishing to the Airport Authority and what the City still had to provide.

She was told the City would no longer be providing snow clearing and grass cutting services but would still be providing free policing and fire protection services as part of the agreement.

“I don’t think s a priority for the taxpayers right now,” Councilor Luhning said. 

The funding given to the Airport Authority is equivalent to a half or one percent increase to taxes if it were to apply to taxes instead of directly handing over revenue previously collected by the City to the Airport Authority. 

The vote was 5 – 2 with Councilors Luhning and Swanson opposed. 

 Board of Police Commissioners

The Police received their requested 4.3 percent operating budget increase or $9,809,647 total budget request.

As part of the approval Administration was tasked with determining the costs of service the City's other operations provide to the Moose Jaw Police Service (MJPS) in time for the 2020 Budget. All of those now freely provided services will be totalled and billed to MJPS.

All funds approved may still be changed by Budget Committee or before the final budget is approved by Council. 

Free Advertisement Provided to a local non-profit group

Free Advertisement Provided to a local non-profit group

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