Development Levy Resurrected

Robert Thomas

The loss of the Development Levy Bylaw, on account of it failed to pass the first reading, may soon be a thing of the past with Council unanimously deciding to bring it back.

The bylaw was designed to charge developers a set fee to pay for the costs of infrastructure off-site from the development. Infrastructure might include such things as sewer or water upgrades, roads, recreational facilities and parks which the new development needs.

In addressing the motion to bring the defeated levy back Mayor Frasier Tolmie said “democracy is a right we have in this city.”

Mayor Tolmie spoke about the difference between councillors meeting by themselves in a secret group and pre-determining a vote and how that differed from an in-camera meeting where administration was present.

An in-camera meeting was held under Freedom of Information Act because it protects the private information of citizens and businesses.

“By not moving and voting for this motion, it means the citizens of Moose Jaw are footing the bill 100 percent for development,” Mayor Tolmie stated.

The Development Levy Bylaw was, according to former Councillor Heather Eby, developed over four years at the cost of $80,000. By failing to allow the proposed bylaw to even pass first reading, so it could be discussed, the former councillor said it was like throwing money down the drain.

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