Respond To Proposed Land Subdivisions

Robert Thomas
Council has decided to send letters to the Ministry of Government Relations' Community Planning Branch, expressing the City’s position regarding two proposed land subdivisions.
Although the properties are outside city limits, and in the RM of Moose Jaw, the Province asked the City for comment.

New Rural Acreage Proposed
The first subdivision application is from James Smith, who wishes to create a 10 acre subdivision from an agricultural use quarter section of land, with a legal land description of SW ¼ 3-17-27-W2M. The property is .8 of a kilometer west of the city limits. The land presently has an existing residence and other buildings.

The proposed subdivision is directly adjacent to future proposed commercial and residential development.

The Municipal Planning Commission's (MPC) report to Council agreed to this proposed subdivision but a letter is being sent advising that the City will not be providing water and sewer services to the property, as it is not in city limits.

The City has a policy not to provide water and sewer services to properties outside city limits.

Multi-Unit Subdivision Development
Council considered a report from the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC), regarding a proposed land subdivision for a 30 acre commercial development in the RM of Moose Jaw, by Mintenko Farms Ltd.

The proposed subdivision and resultant commercial development's legal location is NW ¼ 11-17-27-W2M. The proposed subdivision/commercial development is just west of the city limits on the north side of the Trans Canada Highway.

In it’s report, the MPC expressed concerns that the new development being proposed would need access to City water and sewer services and as such should be within city limits. The City has a policy not to provide water and sewer services to properties outside city limits.
Administration previously provided a comment regarding the proposed subdivision in which they expressed concerns regarding changing the land’s zoning from Commercial to Prestige Highway Corridor (PHC) due to the land’s close proximity to the City. PHC zoning would allow the development of hotels, motels, offices, car washes, restaurants, institutional facilities and assorted other uses which typically require city services in a March 12, 2018 comment regarding the re-zoning.

The RM of Moose Jaw responded that the zoning complied with the RM’s future land use map and was primarily for relocation of businesses within the RM.

The proposed commercial subdivision would require two service roads and a road widening parcel from the quarter section.

The City, in itsletter approved by Council, will be expressing concerns in three areas:
First, the City does not support additional connections to the Mortlach Regional Utility until a capacity review is completed. The Mortlach Regional Utility receives its water from the City of Moose Jaw feeder line. It is unknown if upgrades would be necessary and who would pay for them.

Secondly, the City feels urban style development usually requires city services and as such should be within the city.

And finally, the City will also inform the Province that no sewer and water services will be provided by the City of Moose Jaw.

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