A Preponderance of Puzzlers: Council Hit With Intense Questions

Robert Thomas

Usually, in the Questions to Administration portion of Moose Jaw City Council, there is, at best, a couple of questions; but at the April 23rd meeting, the session got a little intense; especially when it came to High Street West.

Councillor Chris Warren started it off by asking questions regarding the corner of 9th Ave SW and Lillooet Street West and whether or not there were plans in place regarding missing pedestrian signals; as of right now only two are in place.

Councillor Dawn Luhning, Council’s representative on the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre (MJCC) board , asked a verbal inquiry as to why the MJCC’s report from April 6th had not been put into an information package for Council.

Councillor Crystal Froese asked for a list of all non-profits with agreements to operate City facilities.

The operation of the MJCC has been controversial since their most recent Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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Councillor Don Mitchell asked what the plans were for completing the work on Phase Two of Cast Iron Water Main replacement on High Street West?

Coun Mitchell wanted to know if the commitment to do the work was confirmed and was it addressed reasonably?

City Engineer Josh Mickleborough gave a two part answer. “It’s still too cool, generally speaking for asphalt,” he stated, adding “it’s further complicated (with) discussions with the contractor’s lawyer to have it repaved.”

Coun Mitchell asked “is the matter in dispute or a question of timing?”

Mickelborough responded “there has been a number of contractual issues. The least of which is the completion date last year.”

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Coun Luhning rose on a point of order, stating Coun Froese’s question was out of order because it was not something easily answered and would likely require lots of research. Because of this Coun Froese would have to submit a notice of motion at the next council meeting.

Such a move could mean up to six weeks to receive an answer. Submit the notice of motion in two weeks, debate it two weeks following that and, if successful, receiving the answer up to two additional weeks later.

Parks and Recreation Director, Ted Schaeffer, said it was not a lot of work because the department already maintained a list

Councillor Brian Swanson asked what the plans were in terms of paving?

Mickelborough replied that the budget was being examined at the present time.
During the 2018-2019 budget discussions, Budget Committee had been told there were carryover funds from last year to complete the work.

Coun Swanson wondered if Council should not become involved “when it came to the work on High Street?”