Tourism Moose Jaw's Value Has Increased.

Robert Thomas

It's been only one year at the helm but it's been a productive and exciting one says the Executive Director of Tourism Moose Jaw.

In a presentation to Council Jacki L'Heureux-Mason said during the past year there has been great strides by the non-profit corporation.

"Our value has increased in the last year by being on social media and being active in the community," L'Heureux-Mason told Council.

She spoke about, how in the past, membership in Tourism Moose Jaw has grown from from 147 to 171 members.

Tourism Moose Jaw was incorporated in 1991 and is a membership driven organization. The City of Moose Jaw gives the organization an annual $89,366 grant.

National events such as Hometown Hockey and One Horse Town helped put Moose Jaw's name out there in a positive light.

Mac the Moose being featured in so many commercials and mentioned so frequently has created a bit of a tourist boom to the City. Mac the Moose was featured on six nationally televised and two local shows.

"This is huge. People are making road trips to see roadside attractions" she said.

Cost cutting was big at Tourism Moose Jaw. There was a decrease in operating expenses with a 178 percent increase in marketing.


There was an increase in trolley rides by 34 percent. There was a dedicated children's tour and improved ghost and daytime tours.

Additionally, measures were taken to refurbish the trolley. Repairs include replacement of the exterior wood and chassis rebuild.

"There was a big decision regarding the trolley; whether to terminate the trolley or restore's getting harder and harder to get parts," she said.

The disbanding of Heritage Moose Jaw offered opportunities. One area in the presentation was that history based market for tourism was huge and offered opportunities.

There were also procedures implemented regarding conflict of interest, board code of conduct, executive director limitations and an employee handbook and harassment policy.