Councillors Get Pay Increase

Robert Thomas

If you notice a member of City Council dragging along this Summer, it might not be because they're tired or worn out from yard work under the hot sun; it could be from carrying around all that added weight in their wallets.

With the provincial government restoring the 3:5 percent pay cut, it also means an increase in Council's remuneration.

In 2014, Council established their salaries to be tied to what a cabinet minister earns.

Under the bylaw, the mayor receives 47 percent of what a provincial cabinet minister receives, effective April 1st. Councillors receive one-third of the mayor's remuneration.

The pay increases take effect July 1st.

In 2017, the mayor was paid $65,910. Each councillor received $21,956.

By comparison, in July 2014, the mayor's salary was set at $67,147 and councillors at $22,382.

At the time of the decrease, at least one councillor expressed dissatisfaction, with the increase looming no member of council has expressed dissatisfaction.