Bylaw Adopted: Lots of Changes Regarding Bicycles and Automobiles.

Robert Thomas

It is now illegal for a child under the age of 16 to ride a bicycle without wearing a proper CSA approved bicycle helmet in the City of Moose Jaw.

That's just one of the things outlawed with the adoption of Bylaw 5556 or Traffic Bylaw. The Bylaw is the result of an extensive review, consultations, modernization and finally replacement of the previous bylaw which was adopted in April 1984.

For cyclists it means it is illegal to ride bicycles two or more abreast on a roadway, to have more riders on a bike than it was designed for. Additionally, a bike must have a functioning headlight and taillight that is required one half hour before sunset and one half hour after sunrise.

It also makes it illegal to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk with tires larger than 40 cm.

One bicycle restriction hotly debated on social media was the making illegal of carrying a load on a bicycle larger than it was designed for. Many commenters felt it targeted the poor, who are more likely to use bicycles to move large loads or carry home groceries.

The bylaw does not just apply to cyclists but motorists and pedestrians as well.

It remains illegal to jay walk on Main Street .

Idling a vehicle longer than 20 minutes within 100 meters of a residential zone is now illegal.

A construction zone speed limit has been established with the speed limit set at 60 percent of the posted speed limit.

Soliciting business or enticing someone to approach a motor vehicle to solicit business is now illegal unless it has been approved by the City.

Asking for donations or a ride from a motorist (hitch hiking) is now illegal with a $30 fine increasing to $70 with the victim surcharge.

The bylaw establishes truck and dangerous good routes.

The bylaw also includes a traffic warrant system which allows the Engineering Department to establish traffic controls such as signage without Council approval if empirical data and factors warrant it.

There are also parking regulations and the prescribed fines for illegal parking.

For those of you interested, a child under 16 not wearing that bicycle helmet is a $30 fine which goes up to $70 with the victim's surcharge applied. All other bicycle offences carry the same penalty.

And finally it is illegal to do any road work - such as pothole repair - without prior approval.

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