Here is What Your City Councillors Earn


Robert Thomas

Whether you think they earned it or not, the remuneration and expenses paid for the City's elected officials was released as part of the 2017 public accounts.

The City's top earner was Mayor Fraser Tolmie who received $69,105.90 plus had expenses of $5,736.50.

The top paid Councillor was Councillor Crystal Froese who received $24,650.86. Coun Froese also had the top expenses $3,929.56.

The councillor receiving the least remuneration was Councillor Scott McMann who received $22,746.71 with no expenses.

The total remuneration paid to Council was $210,758.87 with total expenses $13,682.87.

It also needs to be noted council members receive 1/3 of their remuneration tax free.

See below for the remuneration and expenses of the entire council.

council earnings.jpg