City Rebranding Itself? Who Pays For That?


Robert Thomas

When did the City decide to rebrand itself? Who is going to pay for it? These are questions that were on the mind of at least one Councillor at Monday's City Council meeting.

During the inquiries portion of City Council Councillor Brian Swanson asked when the decision to rebrand was made and from where was the funding for it coming from?

In response Mayor Frasier Tolmie said that funding will be coming from the City Administration budget, the Moose Jaw and District Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Moose Jaw.

“The City will be spending money but it will be coming out of the department’s budget,” Mayor Tolmie stated.

The inquiries portion of City Council is where council members are allowed to ask Administration both verbal or written questions.

It needs to be noted that the last rebranding and sloganeering effort led to Moose Jaw being coined ‘The Friendly City’ and the phrase words ‘Surprisingly Unexpected’ drew criticism from many critics of City Hall once the approximate $60,000 price tag was revealed . Many people would satirize the City by using the words ‘Surprisingly Expected' for any decision or action taken by the City they did not like.

Previously, the City had been known as ‘The Band City’ due to its well known and long running Moose Jaw Kinsmen International Band Festival held every Victoria Day long weekend in May.

The band festival’s parade in its heyday would often last well over two hours and draw thousands of spectators. The parade was part of the ‘Big Three’ of annual events which included the Moose Jaw International Air Show and Moose Jaw Exhibition/Sidewalk Days.