Drake Mark and No Recollection Playing at Park Hotel

Cullen Wilson from No Recollection on the left and Drake Mark on the right.

Cullen Wilson from No Recollection on the left and Drake Mark on the right.

Nick Murray

Come Saturday night, October 6th, there's gonna be a kicking little rock and roll party at the Park Hotel, so if you're looking for a hip night out that has nothing at all to do with Connor vs Khabib it might just be your best bet. 

A pair of Moose Jaw acts, Drake Mark and No Recollection are teaming up with Dylan Cooper from Saskatoon to bring you a night of, in Drake Mark's words "fun for the whole family, providing the family is 19+." 

No Recollection's front man, Cullen Wilson isn't concerned with competing with the UFC. "As far as that goes, it's like do what you makes happy; for me it’s playing and listening to good live music."

"I’m sure those dudes are gonna beat the hell out of each other" Drake Mark added, "and it’s probably gonna be entertaining but here you have the opportunity to actually be part of a live music event that’s in your home town. We can all watch the highlights the following morning while we’re mending hangovers at grandmas from the thanksgiving weekend. "

No Recollection is a rock band that incorporates some of the funk, Drake Mark likes them for their obvious talent. "Those guys know what they’re doing. Their brand of rock & funk shows it off. 

Drake Mark is a little folkier, Cullen from No Recollection describes him as "one of the best acts to come out of Moose Jaw in a long time, great stories and guitar tone for days."

About the third artist performing that evening, Dylan Cooper, Drake said "Dylan is all those classic rock songs absorbed into a song-writing machine. In my opinion I think he’s got one of the greatest voices around for miles! The dude sings like Ian Gillan of Deep Purple." 

Drake Mark's band consists of himself, the lead songwriter and singer, as well as Dave Bushko on the pedal steel and Steve Leidal on drum machine and Wurlitzer piano. 

No Recollection is made up of Cullen, Jesse Collins on bass and Jay Trzaskowski on drums. 

After Saturday's show, things should return to normal for both of the Moose Jaw acts. Drake is currently recording at home and has plans to release a bulk of music in late November. He's got some stuff out already. Check out his track "Dirty Little Son" and watch this solo recording he put out called. 

No Recollection already has a self-titled  album out on Bandcamp. And they released an official video for their song "It's Killin' Me" 

The band's hit the stage at the Park Hotel on Saturday at 9:00, and heck, you can even just go after the fights.