Transit Proposes Moose Jaw to Regina Bus Service


Robert Thomas

The closure of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) in 2017 by the Provincial Government has Sask Polytechnic requesting the City of Moose Jaw’s Transit Department to provide bus commuter services for the educational institutions student and others.

In an initiative presented to Wednesday night’s Budget Committee the Transit Department said they were looking at providing a service to transport Sask Polytechnic students living in Regina to their classes in Moose Jaw. SasK Polytechnic requested the City to provide the service.

The run had previously been operated by STC and provided a discounted Monday to Friday bus pass for Sask Polytech students as part of their regular run between the Queen City and the Friendly City. Regular passengers did not receive the discount.

Underneath the proposed initiative Revenues were estimated at $160,000 Revenues were based upon a formula of $25 multiplied by 40 students a day over the eight months Sask Polytechnic programs operate annually - $25 x 40 students/day x 8 months/year = $16

The Expenses presented to Budget Committee were estimated at $126,000. Expenses were tabulated at a $105 per hour rate multiplied twenty trips monthly multiplied by 12 months - $105 per hour x 5 hours per day x 20 trips per month x 12 months = $126,000.

The initiative would provide if the budgeted amounts were met would reap a $34,000 annual profit.

Another potential user group were commuters from Moose Jaw to Regina going to work. The bus service would allow Moose Jaw residents to seek opportunity in Regina, Budget Committee was told.

In questioning following introducing the transit initiative City Manager Jim Puffalt said “more of a business case needs to be done for sure.”

‘We want to reach out to the larger employers to see if this would be helpful to them,” Puffalt said.

City Engineer Josh Mickelborough also stated if it was “not a viable service” the City would not run it.

Budget Committee was told there concerns Federal Regulations - having to have seat belts in a passenger commuter bus was an example stated - might prevent some of Moose Jaw Transit’s fleet from being used in the inter-city route.

SGI will be in Moose Jaw Thursday to inspect a number of buses to see if they could be used on such a service.

“That (bus service between Moose Jaw and Regina) really makes me not comfortable but anyhow we are not making a decision tonight,” Councillor Heather Eby stated.

The initiative will be voted on by Budget Committee later and a final approval must be made at a meeting of City Council.

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