Petition for Traffic Signal Upgrades on South Hill not Necessary


Robert Thomas

A petition by the staff at the Alliance Medical Clinic for traffic signal upgrades at the corner of 9th Avenue SW and Lillooet Street West is not necessary, as the work has already been planned to be completed this year.

In a follow up response to a verbal question from Brian Swanson as well as a petition submitted to perform the work, City Engineer Josh Mickelborough responded that the work was budgeted to be completed in 2018.

The work will include upgrades to signal phasing and timing as well as a left hand signal review, upgrades to the pedestrian crossing and signal structure as well as pavement markings to improve pedestrian safety, Mickelborough wrote.

In their letter, as well as in a petition to Council, the staff referred to long lineups entering the bridge for traffic heading south on 9th Avenue NW and cited accidents which had occurred in the last 14 years requiring staff and physicians to attend.

The letter requested the work be completed as soon as possible.

The cost of the traffic signal upgrade is estimated at $190,000.