Frost - The "F Word" Has Arrived

Robert Thomas

For people with gardens or other plants susceptible to frost, covering or moving them indoors for the next couple of nights is something you might want to consider as temperatures are expected to hover just above or drop below the freezing mark the next couple of nights.

According to Terry Lang, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada (formerly known as Environment Canada) in Saskatoon, frost in the Moose Jaw area is highly possible.

“There is definitely a good possibility across Saskatchewan the risk is there,” Lang said.
The risk of frost has been brought on by a ridge of high pressure moving in from the Arctic pushing cold air with it.

The forecasted low for tonight is 1 degree celsius, with cloud dissipating and the wind diminishing, meaning frost could occur in the southern portions of the province, she said.
The risk of frost is predicted higher in the southeast portion of the province but will stretch back into the Moose Jaw region including the City of Moose Jaw.

“Gardeners should cover their tomatoes, cucumbers and such for the next couple of nights,” Lang advised.

Following Wednesday evening and Thursday morning the forecast calls for warmer weather and the warmth returns.

“We are at that point of the year where we have the battle between the warm air and the cold air."

Asked if the arrival of the potential of frost is earlier than normal Lang called it about average.
“it’s about average. Sometimes it’s earlier and sometimes it’s later in the year."

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