SGI October Traffic Spotlight Is Distracted Driving

If you like to text, talk on your cellphone or even watch videos while you drive be aware your chances of being caught may well be improved as Distracted Driving is the focus of SGI's October Traffic Safety Spotlight.

From June – September 2019 police in Saskatchewan issued 1,000 a month for distracted driving meaning the unsafe driving practice has gotten out of hand, SGI said in a statement.

Despite carrying a $280 fine, four demerits and vehicle impoundments for repeat offenders, too many drivers are still making it too easy for police to keep setting monthly records for distracted driving tickets.

The majority of the tickets have been issued for using a cellphone – having it in your hand - while driving.

"The provincial government is seriously looking at tougher penalties to deter this dangerous behaviour," Minister responsible for SGI Joe Hargrave said in the statement.

SGI advises people to put cellphones in the glove box, the back seat or mount it to the dish.

Experienced drivers are allowed to use voice activated functions while Learner and Novice drivers ate not allowed to use the phone at all.

Texting or holding a cellphone and making a phone call even at a red light is against the law in Saskatchewan.

SGI advises drivers to pull off the road if they have to read or send a text or make a call.

Additionally SGI also reminds drivers Distracted Driving can also entail giving too much attention to such things as your coffee or personal grooming while driving.

Distracted driving is one of the leading factors behind fatal and\or injury accidents.

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