Buzz Growing For Comedy Night Featuring Tim Nutt

In what is best described as disbelief and growing excitment many people cannot believe Moose Jam Comedy has been able to land well known standup comedian Tim Nutt.

Nutt, who was named Sirius XM’s top comic in 2016, has performed at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival as well as on The Comedy Network, is set to perform Friday evening on a bill with Saskatoon’s Fabian Dray at the Mitsu Cafe 115 Main Street North from 6:30 pm to 9 pm.

“I am very excited to have him in Moose Jaw,” Garret DeLaurier said.

DeLaurier started Moose Jam Comedy as a means to bring more humour and laughs to the friendly city. He had a dream of making Moose Jaw a notorious stopping point in standup comedy. Filling in the gap “between Calgary and Winnipeg.”

It is his labour of love to bring laughter to Moose Javians.

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According to DeLaurier it wasn’t that difficult to convince the well known Nutt to appear. DeLaurier said he has been reaching out to many comedians who are very open to stop in and play in Moose Jaw.

“I have been contacting many comedians, and many have talked to me about playing here, Tim Nutt was a guy I knew I had to get. I remember seeing him on TV. And he has a very Canadian type of humor,” he said adding, he managed to snag Nutt through a friend of a friend and then with the help of Fabian Dray - who is also on the comedy bill - managed to land the show.

It also helped Dray told him about the fact Nutt is touring in the area.

Nutt may be the headliner in the show but Fabian Dray is well known on the comedy world in Saskatoon. A circuit DeLaurier is hoping to tap into as Moose Jam Comedy brings in more and more acts and produces more shows.

“Also people are excited to see Fabian Dray. He knows a lot of people in Moose Jaw.”

Asked why he chose the Mitsu Cafe to host a show for a comedian who has played in theatres which seated hundreds DeLaurier said it was out of loyalty to a business which often features local talent.

“I know that this is just the start, maybe eventually we can use a bigger venue, but I have always loved using Mitsu Cafe as a venue because they have always been great for providing a venue for local artists,” he said.

But despite the venues smaller size of approximately 60 compared to halls with seating for hundreds there are advantages with a more intimate performance.

It is also described as a win-win by DeLaurier who said the venue gets the revenues from food and drink sales and the door cost covers the comedians.

Although it is early for a comedy show holding it at Mitsu Cafe allows people to come and order supper if they choose to do so.

“Mitsu Cafe serves beer, which is great for a comedy show, they have many foods, deserts, and coffee type drinks that are also available but for an event like this, people typically like to have a little alcohol. Mitsu Cafe is a perfect venue for any type of person,” DeLaurier said about the venue.

“Yea people can eat supper there. There is sushi and crepes and all types of good food.”

DeLaurier said he has heard many people saying they cannot believe Moose Jam Comedy has managed to snag Nutt.

When asked by MJ Independent many people we spoke to on Main Street said they have heard of Nutt and that he is a great comedian. Most wanted to know exactly where and when he is performing here and found the $10 entry fee reasonable considering Nutt has performed at venues demanding much higher ticket prices.

DeLaurier said he does not know what to expect as he is relatively new to the world of comedy show producer as this will be only his third production but he took a risk and designed this show to be earlier than most comedy shows which typically play later in the evening.

“This is also an early show compared to most comedy nights. Most Comedy events go late, but this will end at nine.I don't know if it will effect the turn out. Maybe it will be good because people can still plan an evening around it,” he said.

Given his newness to the business as well as his deadpan honesty DeLaurier said he expects a good turnout given the feedback he has been hearing as well as the growing following Moose Jam Comedy is acquiring.

“I am expecting to see some familiar faces, and I hope to see some new people too. There are a lot of comedy fans here, however it is still new.”

The laughs begin this Friday evening from 6:30 pm to 9 pm at the Mitsu Cafe 115 Main Street North. The cost of admission is just ten bucks. Tickets are available at the door.

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