Motion Would Allow Bikes And Leashed Dogs In Crescent Park

Riding a bicycle or walking your leashed dog in Crescent Park may soon be allowed following a Notice of Motion from Councillor Chris Warren.

To be discussed at the September 9th meeting Councillor Warren's motion calls for the City to abandon its present policy of disallowing dogs in Crescent Park as well as bicycles and take down all signage disallowing it.

In his motion he said many Saskatchewan city's actively “encourage leash dogs and bicycles in city parks” and “whereas walking and cycling is beneficial to a healthier and happier” community that Administration remove the no dogs and bicycles signage a Crescent Park to permit leash dogs and bicycles.

Signage from some cities allow leashed and muzzled dogs in their main central parks

Signage from some cities allow leashed and muzzled dogs in their main central parks

As this is a Notice of Motion there is no discussion allowed until the Councillor Warren motion is brought forward at the September 9th Meeting.

Councillor Warren's motion if passed would not remove prohibitions against dogs being allowed on numerous sports fields, outdoor rinks and school grounds and would apply to Crescent Park alone.

Presently the City only has one off leash area for dogs, the small and large dog parks in Hamilton Flats. All other parks where dogs are allowed they must be leashed on a leash no longer than a meter in length.

It should be noted in Saskatoon at the present time there is an on-going debate regarding allowing dogs into their riverside parks. The debate centers around fears by residents of dogs and despite rules to pick up all excrement by owners there is still bacteria left behind as well as urination creating smell and health risks.

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