Moose Jaw Nature Notes: "Bat Man" to Visit Moose Jaw

Nature Moose Jaw

University of Saskatchewan professor Vikram Misra will be our presenter Wednesday Oct 17/18. Vikram is known as the bat man at U of S .

His research specialty has been prairie bats. The recent diseases in bat populations threaten many factors in our eco-sphere.

The presentation start at 6:30 pm Moose Jaw Public Library. It is Free.

Vikram Misra will be at the Library Oct. 17

Vikram Misra will be at the Library Oct. 17

Other events of interest - several in Saskatoon listed on Nature Saskatchewan calendar

- Pre-sale of Breeding Bird Atlas of Saskatchewan should be available at meeting. Pre-sale pricing will save probably 25% of cost

- Bird Counts begin early December

- June 2019 Nature Sask Spring meet in Eastend, Sask

Reports: Stewards of Saskatchewan Newsletter is awesome. You can find the link on the Nature Saskatchewan website.

Nature Conservancy Canada bio-blitz found 10 Species At Risk this year.

Fall Meet Report: this is the first time I attended a full Fall meet. The speakers were awesome and the Friday evening tradition of sharing experiences wonderful.

Two delightful ones were bird houses made out of recycled materials & an experiment of introducing building materials for some Paper Wasps nest.


Now I know why people holiday in the Galapagos. We saw pictures of many of the 24 species unique to the Galapagos, Equador islands.

Speakers included Graham Saul, Executive Director of Nature Canada. He explained that the 3 major goals of Nature Canada are to:

- Reverse the decline of plants, animals, insects; share information; influence policy that will make conservation a priority in business and government. Climate Change represents the need to defend water and land.

- The final speakers were Branimir Gjetvaj & Trevor Herriot. They provided a wealth of information about initiatives and the urgency of action to protect our grasslands. It is considered the most endangered eco-system in the world.

We need, as individuals and as an organization, to ctively support the efforts to defend this eco-system we live on. (Membership in Nature Sask - a first step.)

On Wednesday Oct 17, at the library we will learning about the contributions and challenges these creatures of myth and folklore provide to us in this eco-system.