Bobby's Place Free Christmas Dinner Tradition Continues

Jay Hamill, a Moose Jaw native who now lives in Vancouver, cuts carrots for the annual feast

Jay Hamill, a Moose Jaw native who now lives in Vancouver, cuts carrots for the annual feast

A long standing Christmas tradition is once again happening again as Bobby’s Place Old World Tavern, 63B High Street East, offers its famous free Christmas dinner this afternoon from 3 pm until around 7 pm or when people quit coming.

The free event is family friendly and everyone is welcome to attend. The event is set up to be a non-judgmental event for people wish to eat Christmas dinner with others.

The event will feature 11 roasted turkeys, 10 hams, 200 pounds of potatoes, 50 pounds of stuffing as well as 300 cabbage rolls, says Arlene Legare who is an employee. If they run out of traditional Christmas fare people will be fed fish and chips so nobody will go away hungry. Additionally people can take food home as well.

Legare says people who work at the dinner do it all as volunteers and nobody is forced to work or paid.

As an employee he sees it as a way to give back to the community and the Haakenson family, the owners of Bobby’s Place, who ten years ago literally took in an 19 year old Legare and offered him a home, a job and opportunity.

“They took me in and gave me a place to live and a job this is how you say thank you,” Legare said.

Jay Hamill, is from Vanacouver, but is originally from Moose Jaw, and is volunteering for his fifth or sixth year helping to make the dinner possible.

“I really enjoy it, and Christmas can be stressful with people throwing away a lot of money,” Hammil said, adding volunteering allows him to “hang out with friends and make a good day of it.”

The dinner is free but if anyone wants to make a donation they are welcome to with all funds donated to a local charity.

As an added bonus Bobby’s Place is also offering free rides to people who cannot make it if they do not have transportation.

A ride may be booked by calling 306 692-3058.

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