Moose Jaw is About to Have a Community Orchard

Robert Thomas

It may take a few years to produce fruit but Moose Jaw will soon have a new community orchard.
At Monday night’s meeting, City Council decided to accept the name Happy Valley Orchard for the new stand of fruit trees.

The orchard is to be planted in the park area on the south side of the 600 block of Hall Street East on May 31st.

The orchard is a project of the South Central Food Security Network (SCFSN). SCFSN is an inter-agency group interested in promoting access to safe, clean water and urban agriculture to provide nutritious and readily available food for urban dwellers.

Funding for the orchard comes from a $6,650 Peavey Mart Community Agriculture Grant. The funds will be used for the actual fruit trees as well events to promote Moose Jaw’s community forest.

SCFSN has partnered with Prince Arthur Community School to plant the trees to introduce the students to food production as well as help create community pride.

The orchard name was adopted unanimously by Council.