Ten Dishes You Gotta Try in Moose Jaw

MJ Independent

Moose Jaw's got a lot of restaurants. Maybe too many. But certainly a lot; and a lot of them are really great. That means there is a lot of really great food to eat in this city. whether it be steaks, seafood, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, ethnic tastes or delicious desserts; Moose Jaw really does have it all. Sometimes people here just don't realize how many great options they actually have.

MJ Independent is currently undergoing the process of writing a series of articles dedicated to highlighting the great food here. Firstly, as recommendations for the people who live here and secondly, as a means to guide visitors of the city to great places where they can go and spend their money. You can look forward to similar "You Gotta Try" stories involving breakfasts, burgers, pizzas, desserts and cocktails; we even have one person reviewing buffets for us that will ultimately conclude with another "You Gotta Try". Here is one on Jade Garden.

In this first one we focused on the best meals you can find in the city. We scoured menus, we asked residents of the city to recommend their favourite dishes, we obsessed over online restaurant reviews and we even contacted some of the restaurants themselves before deciding on the ten dishes listed below. The resulting dishes are a very diverse mix of ethnic and local interpretations of meat recipes. Sorry, vegetarians, there's just not a lot of demand for the meatless in the city.

We now view these 10 dishes as integral components of the Moose Jaw experience. Let us know if we missed any you feel should be in here.


Fish & Chips @ Bobby's Place


63 High St. E.

Bobby's Place does a lot of things right. They've got a great theme, they have great beer and scotch, they host great live music events and they have the greatest Trivia Night in the province. But the thing they do the greatest of all is food; and the highlight of their menu is the Fish & Chips. They're famous for Fish & Chips and everyone in the city knows it. 8oz of Cod slathered in a batter made with Guinness, fresh from the tap, crisp French fries, coleslaw and delicious in-house made Tartar sauce. 

But don't be dissuaded if you aren't a Fish & Chips fan, the Celtic themed menu at Bobby's Place has tons of food favourites and interesting flavours. Their Yorkshire Pudding is also featured in this list. They've got thick Shepherd's Pie, curry, sandwiches, delicious appetizers, salads and a dessert menu that includes their legendary Deep Fried Mars Bar.

Bobby's Place is a treat for all five senses and has sort of become a cultural icon in the Friendly City.


Pud'Thai @ Nits

124 Main St. N


Nits gets a lot of respect for serving authentic Thai cuisine in a climate where most people really would rather just eat Thai food intended for Canadian taste buds. Thai food fans have been known to travel great distances to eat here and Flare Magazine even went as far as to call Nits "the best kept secret source of Thai Food", that's gotta say something. Don't be too confused by the title on the menu, its simply Nits' authentic Thai version of the extremely popular Pad Thai. It's fried noodles, pork, peanuts and egg bits in a delicious red sauce and it's crafted the way it is supposed to be crafted. If you don't like Pad Thai, that's fine, Nits also has a lot of other really great dishes which have names you will struggle with pronouncing, like Paape'id Tod, Ca'ow Mou Dang and Yum Plamook. 

A Little lesser known secret is that Nits also serves stir fried Frog Legs. So there's that. Nits might be a venue for more adventurous eaters, but those who make the stop more often than not leave with great things to say.



Prime Rib @ Hopkins Dining Parlour

65 Athabasca St. W

Hopkins is definitely the most unique restaurant venue in the city of rain-coated lovers. Firstly, the building is an interesting character home full of Victorian décor and antique furniture, which becomes all that much more exciting when you realize the place is haunted. But one thing that isn't freaky is the menu. Full of comfort food like chicken, seafood, pasta, 22 flavours of chicken wing and an outstanding list of cleverly named cocktails, the menu is highlighted by the Prime Rib. One reviewer on TripAdvisor said it was "Prime Rib to die for" and another reviewer called Frozen_gringo  called the Cajun style version "Wonderfuk"; that's not a typo, it's what they wrote, but I think you get the point. They should probably get that printed on T-shirts and sell them in their gift shop.

Moussaka @ The Mad Greek Eatery

925 Main St. N


A staple in Moose Jaw since it opened its doors in 2002, the Mad Greek has been pumping delicious Greek dishes out of its kitchen without cease ever since. They are most well known for their thick pizzas and excellent greek ribs; but the Moussaka is something they do exceptionally well that people sometimes forget about. It's a traditional dish containing potato, eggplant, spiced beef and crème sauce, all layered like a Greek lasagna.

John Iatridis, the owner and chef of the restaurant said "our recipe is my mother and father's. It is one of the most authentic dishes on our menu. We really wanted to have some Greek items on the menu that be similar to things we would eat in our homes growing up."

The menu is full of Greek classics like Fradzolaki, Souvlaki and Spanakopita. Plus they are great for delivery to your home or hotel room.


Chimichangas @ Chachalacas


20 Main St. N

Chachalacas are delightful little birds that can be found in the wooded habitats of Mexico. But they are also the name of a fresh string of really great Mexican restaurants that have popped up in Saskatchewan lately. There's one in Regina, one in Regina Beach and now one in Moose Jaw. They serve all the classic Mexi favourites like tacos, enchiladas, burritos and fajitas but its the chimichanga that has people talking. The chef at Chachalacas claims his version of the dish was inspired by Meet the Fockers, the popular comedy flick starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro. It was his own creation and has been a huge hit at all the Chachalacas locations. It's a golden, deep fried burrito stuffed with your choice of beef or chicken; picadillo or carnitas with rice, cheese and refried beans topped with a delicious Jalapeno ranch.

Supper starts with tortilla chips and salsa (and maybe one of their specialty Margaritas, as well) and ends with a full stomach and good memories. 


Smoked Meat Platter @ Cornerstone Bar & Grill

8 Main St. N.


Right at the heart of downtown Moose Jaw, in one of the cities oldest and most-photographed buildings, lies the Cornerstone Bar & Grill. It's a neighbourhood pub with friendly staff and great drinks. Oft visited by tunnelling tourists, the cornerstone has an obligation to provide a nice atmosphere and great food. Their Smoked Meat Platter is the gem of their collection. Beef brisket, pulled pork and a half rack of ribs, garnished with baked beans, coleslaw and a side of your choice. It's tons of food and tons of flavour. 

The Cornerstone does meat really well. Homemade burgers, pulled pork and brisket sandwiches, a selection of certified Angus beef steaks and great looking meat filled pizzas and pastas. It's one of the best spots in town for a drink and a bite and it's in perfect proximity to Warriors games.


# 28 Dragon Bowl @ Brown's Social House

11 River St. W


The dish was named by the company's CEO, Scotty Morison. It was named after the numeric order of dishes one usually finds at a Chinese restaurant. "It came with a bit of 80s nostalgia" he added. It reminded him of going to his favourite Chinese restaurant for a late night bite. 

The company actually upgraded the Dragon Bowl, so it might not be exactly the same as those who have already tried it remember it to be. But "upgrade" means better. It's now got fresh chicken, ginger perfumed Jasmine rice, spiced yogurt that plays off of the teriyaki glaze and its topped off with a tangy, pickled red cabbage. It's a beautiful dish to look at and an even more beautiful one to dig into. 

It should be known that Brown's is in no way a Chinese restaurant. It certainly has notes of Asian cuisine but is much larger and more diverse than to simply be one thing. The company considers itself a "round peg in a square hole". They take a "no limits approach" to cooking and it really shows in their menu. They've got other Asian enthused dishes, like General Tao's chicken, sushi and an Ahi Tuna Poke but they also do great burgers, tacos, pizza and fish. They also do a wicked brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. It's also a great place for late night cocktails after a Warriors game and it's got the perfect patio right on the corner of River & Main.


seafood medley.jpg

Seafood Medley @ Grant Hall Hotel

401 Main St. N

The historic downtown building recently turned into a stunning hotel is home to one of the most talked about restaurants the city has to offer. The Grant Hall Dining Room is spectacular. It looks spectacular. It feels spectacular, the chairs are spectacular and the food is spectacular too. They do a remarkable brunch and the menu is filled with excellent pastas, meats, snacks and desserts.

Some people go for the steak, others for the duck but it is in the Seafood department that Grant Hall really sets itself apart from the rest of the competition. Salmon, Shrimp Scampi and Steelhead Trout are popular menu items, but the most popular of them all is the Seafood Medley. Shell fish, fried fish or fresh fish cooked on the grill; it's all in the Seafood Medley. If it comes from the sea and can be eaten, the crew in the kitchen at Grant Hall knows how to put it on your plate in a way you will never forget.


Hanging Tenderloin Beef Kebab @ Rock Creek Tap and Grill


857 Thatcher Dr.

Rock Creek will forever hold a special place in the hearts of Saskatchewanians. It all started not that far from Moose Jaw; in Regina, back in 2006. Stu Rathwell wanted something upscale but without pretentiousness. A place with a lounge and a fun menu. A place where friends can meet for drinks or where families can go for a nice supper. The menu is stacked with fun west coast styles starters, like Adobo Prawn Mushroom Stuffs, Samurai Lettuce Wraps and their legendary Baked Brie & Berries. Superb entrees from the grill like the delicious Albuquerque Grilled Chicken which damn near made this list as well. Plus they've got all the great comfort items like burgers, wraps, bowls and pizzas that round out any great menu. They've even got a fun dessert selection. But the one item that stands out the most (it stands, quite literally) is the Hanging Tenderloin Beef Kebab. Not only is it insanely delicious, it looks like a barrel of fun too. Flame-broiled beef skewered with onions. mushrooms and peppers and served with a delicious Cajun butter. It's presented in a fashion in which you can pour the butter over the beef kebab and watch it drip onto the creamy mashed potatoes below. It's a delight for the taste buds, the nose and the eyes and it's got people all across the prairies talking about it. I mean, just look at this thing.


Yorkshire Pudding @ Bobby's Place


63 High St. W

Congrats to Bobby's Place for being the only restaurant featured twice on this dish. But you can't really ignore them; they are creating some exciting dishes and when presented with the topic of "what's your favourite dish in Moose Jaw?" people almost reflexively think Bobby's Place.

This time it's for their Yorkshire Pudding.

Yorkshire Pudding is a popular side dish in Britain. It's baked pudding made from flour, eggs, butter and milk. It can be served many ways but Bobby's Place opts for stuffing it with succulent roast beef and smothering it in their house made gravy. They serve it with mashed potatoes and fresh, seasonal vegetables. It's just one more mouth-watering dish coming out of this outstanding kitchen and once more Dish You Gotta Try in Moose Jaw.