Rural Sask Heart Beat: Elbow, Saskatchewan

Gilles Laberge

I love visiting Elbow, Saskatchewan. I love looking at the boats in Elbow Marina, checking out the amazing artwork on display at Gallery 148 and enjoying a good meal at the Golf Clubhouse. It's really a town worth checking out. Here are a few of the things I'd like to recommend to anyone looking for a day out of the city.

I recently visited Elbow to attend a concert at the Elbow Civic Centre, on June 23rd, 2018. It was a Saskatchewan Tour and CD Release Concert for Musician Eli Barsi and the Alberta Poet Doris Daley. It was an amazing concert on a Saturday night with every poem and song telling a short story about farm wives, ranch wives, cowboys, friends, neighbours and family. You can find out more about the 2 ladies from their websites at and

Check out Eli Barsi's song "Farm Girl" 

Elbow Museum has a replica of an authentic sod house that was rebuilt in 2000. In the early 1900's wood was hard to come by in Saskatchewan, so many around these parts actually built their houses out of sod. The "Sod Shack" was built in 1965 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Saskatchewan as a province and its now the highlight of the Elbow Museum.

The "Sod Shack"

The "Sod Shack"

Linda Kennedy opened Gallery 148 at 148 Saskatchewan Street in May 2013. The New Sculpture Garden was built behind the gallery to house memorable pieces from prominent Saskatchewan Artists.

The New Sculpture Garden

The New Sculpture Garden

The Coteau Creek Hydroelectric Station is located at Elbow on the South Saskatchewan River. It celebrates 50 years of power generation in 2018. Coteau Creek was commissioned in 1969 and has 3 units with the capacity of 62 megawatts each, for a net capacity of 186 megawatts. It draws water from the Gardiner Dam (located approximately 1 km upstream).

There are some interesting summer events coming up in the Elbow Area. They could make a perfect excuse for which to organize your next road trip around.

Elbow Farmer's Market - Runs until September 1st (9 am to 12 Noon)
- You can phone Anna at (306) 854-2053 or Verna at (306) 854-2002 if you are interested in renting a table.

Lakeshore Stampede - July 20th to 22nd, 2018
- KCRA Sanctioned Rodeo is held at Elbow Fairgrounds.
- Adults: $15 (Weekend $25) and Students: $5 (Weekend $10) and Family: $40 (Weekend $75) and 10 & under Free Admission
- Friday, July 20th - Free admission all day - Little Britches Rodeo at 5:30 pm and Goat Roping at 7 pm
- Saturday, July 21st - Pancake Breakfast at 8 am and Slack at 10 am and Rodeo at 5 pm
- Sunday, July 22nd - Pancake Breakfast at 8 am and Slack at 9 am and Performance at 2 pm

Check out the town's website at