Popular Brickspro Returning to WDM


With Brickspro returning to the Western Development Museum (50 Diefenbaker Drive) on July 27 and July 28 we did a Q and A with one of the show organizers Ray Morton from the Saskatchewan Lego Users Group (SLUG) about the event.

1. How many years has Brickspro been held at the WDM?

 This will be the 8th year that Brickspo has been held.

 2. Do you know whose idea it was and/or why it came about? 

 SLUG had a Lego train display in the Thundercreek Model Rail show at the WDM. The museum actually approached our group and asked us if we'd be interested in hosting our own Lego only show in the museum.  We said yes and 12 of us put on our first show.  

 3. Given they have places such as Lego land in Europe and elsewhere just how much of an effect does this have on the event?

 In terms of Lego related events, we are the biggest currently in Saskatchewan.  We do put on displays (an average of 5 tables worth) at other venues like Majestics and model train shows in the province. Brickspo is where we display the most at one time.  For people in Saskatchewan, it's long drive to come to our show. It's an even longer drive to go to Alberta or Winnipeg to see a Lego show.

4. Using bricks, such as Lego, is seen as a child's preoccupation, why are adults doing this? What is the attraction or motivation for adults to be involved in this?

Lego is a universal medium for everyone to enjoy much in the same way as paint or clay is enjoyed by all. Many people give us quizzical looks when we say we build with Lego. When they see what we build, their quizzical looks turn into awe and amazement.

Some of us build to express ourselves as artists. Some of us build to challenge ourselves. Some of build just for the love of creating something from our brains.  If we didn't build with Lego, we would surely create with something else.  Lego just happens to be alot of fun. 

 5. Who is this event for?

 Everyone. Young, old, male, female, fans of Lego and otherwise.  We have something for everyone to enjoy.

 6. How elaborate are the displays? How many hours did they take to build? Are they in kits or do the projects come from the builder(s)'s imagination? 

We have displays small enough to fit in your pocket and some displays that take up multiple tables.  We pride ourselves on showing custom original creations.  If you do see something from a set, it's usually incorporated into a larger custom display or it's been modified to suit the builders preferences.  The time it takes to build our displays is almost immeasurable.  Every builder works at a different speed.  Some have more time to build than others. 

7. For the participants or at least some of them is this all a fall back to their childhood or is it a passion they grew later in life?

Most of us played with Lego as a child but there are members in our group that didn't discover Lego until later in life.  For me, as a child builder, it actually helped determine my career as a designer.  We have a number of members whose careers were similarly inspired by Lego. 

8. How much pride do the builders/participants show?

As builders, we take a lot of pride in what we build and as a group we take pride in putting on our show. We wouldn't show off our talents otherwise. None of us get paid to do this so our passion is genuine. We also like the social aspect of the show as well.  We like to talk to the public as well as each other. 

9. How popular is this event at the WDM?

Well, the museum keeps asking our group to come back every year.  We always get a lot of positive feedback from the public. 

10. What does it cost to attend?

Museum admission; free for WDM members. Admission costs: https://wdm.ca/moose-jaw/visit/location/

 11. Are there any hands on or demonstrations at the event? 

We will have some presentations throughout the day.   The public will be able to watch some speed building events.  We also have what is called as our "Wacky Race" event which features custom built cars racing down a ramp.

12. Who do you think most enjoys the displays?

Obviously the kids enjoy it the most but I believe that the adults are not that far behind. This event is for everyone.

13. Compared to other years how does this compare as far as size and participants?

Over the last eight years our shown has grown slowly and very organically. We originally started with 12 builders at our first show to almost 50 builders this year. I believe the most noticeable change over the years has been the increased number of collaborations (people working together on the same display).  This year we will have a large number of bigger displays.      

14. Do you have anything else to add?

There will be some vendors at the show, so you will have an opportunity to buy Lego and Lego related items to take home. We recommend bringing cash (no atm in the musem).  There will be a BBQ concession on-site from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm put on by the Friendly City Optimist Club (cash only).

Cosplay is welcome. 

For more information please visit SLUG's website address


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