SCRAPS Releases Video

Submitted By SCRAPS

"When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul" ~ Anthony Douglas Williams ~

The beautiful faces you will observe in this video are the Cats and kittens who have until now been the "scraps" of our society. We THANK YOU our community for your generous support & the unique opportunity to showcase the mystery & grace of the beautiful souls living in an unseen world.

A sincere "THANK YOU" to photographer Lisa Brice for joining with SCRAPS in sharing the splendour & beauty from a hidden world that many have not seen. SCRAPS TNR team is very thankful for the great privilege of being witness to this world and the unique opportunity to HELP the vulnerable Cats & kittens who live unknown,unseen & unwanted. Through our footprints, we share with you the unappreciated "beauty"....that lives among us in the corners of our society.

This beautiful, inspiring video has been created by our very talented partner Lisa from "Brice Photography" in Regina. We are honored to have you join us in bringing awareness to an expanded audience & helping us save more lives by documenting the celebration of beauty in the faces of our animal neighbours that live among us in this hidden world. Each of these faces comes with their own story - thank you for documenting it. Thank you for inspiring us!

The faces you see are all rescues from SCRAPS TNR program - some against unbelievable odds. TNR rescues precious lives but ultimately "saves generations". Thank you for your support. ......and allowing us to share with you "From SCRAPS to Treasured".......…

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