Northern Fallout Drops "Self Destruct"


Nick Murray

Moose Jaw's biggest, brightest and most beautiful metal act, Northern Fallout just unexpectedly dropped a new single on us.

After a few ominous warnings posted to the six-piece's Facebook account, Northern Fallout officially released "Self Destruct" on September 27th.

It's a blitzkrieg of a hard rock/metal track. For metal followers, it can be summarized as a little bit like All That Remains only with a zesty breakdown reminiscent of The Blackening-Era Machine Head. For the metal-illiterate, it's heavy metal but you can kind of make out the lyrics and it sounds a bit like Metallica mixed in with Metallica.

Front man Dan Hayward, who can be heard screaming the timeless self-reflection "I don't know if I'm dreaming/ but I can't wake up/ lose control/ no more feeling/ why do I self destruct?" admits the song was something he wrote when he was questioning himself and his life.

Self-reflecting seems something Hayward knows a thing or two about. "It's kind of like being your own worst enemy but not really realizing it" he said. "Sometimes things can spiral so far out of control so fast that you don't even see that you are the reason why."

"life can seem like a dream, or a nightmare" Hayward added, "but when you can't wake up or save yourself from that disparity; you self destruct."

Northern Fallout is made up of six Moose Javians. Dan Hayward does the singing, Chris Hunter, Aaron Anderson and Brendon Francis all shred guitar, Dave Calvert play bass and Ron Ponto is the drummer.

For the most part, "Self Destruct", as with the entirety of the upcoming album, was recorded at Divergent Studios right here in Moose Jaw, but the drums were recorded at Blue Door Recording in Regina.

"Our producer is the extremely talented Justin Bender" Hayward said.

The band is in the process of finishing a full length EP.

"This album is 10 songs that truly represent the last 5 years of us being a band" Hayward said. "The fire and the passion, the love that all of us have for this kind of music bleeds through on every track. We wanted to take our time and do things right. These songs are heavy both musically and emotionally, and we couldn't be happier with what we've accomplished with Justin Bender. "

The album, according to Hayward, is very diverse; "guys with different styles and influences coming together to create one cohesive wall of sound, it is amazing to be a part of it."

The band has been hard at work with the recording but hopes to get busy playing live once it is finished and released.

"After spending most of this year laying low and recording this album we are looking forward to playing more shows next year and having this album help open some doors for us to play out of province. We are happy, humble...and hungry" Hayward said.

Somebody get those guys a pizza.

Listen to "Self Destruct" down below then brace yourself, because the record is coming before the end of the year.

You can catch them live at the Park Hotel on October 26

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