Brodie Moniker Live at Cask 82

Nick Murray

Brodie Moniker live at Cask 82: Friday March 2nd and Saturday March 3rd. 

Brodie Mohninger spent fifteen years living, and often performing in Moose Jaw. Now he is returning for a weekend set at the city's freshest and most intimate music venue, Cask 82.


Brodie was, and by any measure, still is, a pivotal asset in Moose Jaw's music scene. Some of the bands he was in and albums he helped produce will go down in the annals of Moose Jaw music history. Brain Sauce, Friend Friend and PandaCorn, among others.

"My family and many friends are still there" he said, referring to the friendly city, "so I definitely enjoy coming back through on occasion. I actually teach guitar in Caronport at Briercrest College, so I’m passing through often enough".

Brodie has the kind of talent that seems more suited for massive cities with world renown music venues and night life. He's a musician's musician. His ability to play instruments is only just one aspect of his expertise. He's also well versed in recording and production, which makes him a multi-talented, diverse and often sought after asset to any local music industry.

It's as if Moose Jaw just wasn't big enough to keep him. Regina, with almost 7x the population, quite simply put, just has far more opportunity for a man with Brodie's talents. "Regina has been great" he said "aside from the break in I experienced recently, stolen laptop, merch case, etc, but it seems after talking to most residents that that sort of thing is common here".

But even Regina probably isn't big enough to contain him. "I’m not planning on making Regina a permanent place, but I have enjoyed my time here. The art scene is vibrant and there a ton of places that host live music regularly" he said. 

Brodie typically keeps busy. Always with multiple projects on the go. He recently travelled west to tour with his trio, that includes Steve Leidel and Glenn Radley. He has played a lot of solo gigs recently and he has been hard at work on a new EP with another band he is in, The Fancy Diamonds.

Check out The Fancy Diamonds video "Rockinrollin'"  

"Lately, I’ve honestly been taking time off to reset and re-evaluate things, getting out of situations that I feel have been taking too much focus away from things I want to do. Its put me in a better place, and I do feel ready to start writing again, something I haven’t done much of since the release of my last album."

His last album was Nowhere Left to Ghost , a solo project he released under the moniker, Brodie Moniker. The album was an instant favourite here at MJ Independent, his song "Even Birds Return" was ranked #3 on our Top Ten Sask Songs of 2017.

"I think it has been perceived well, Peter Mills at the CBC recently said it was a favourite of 2017 for them" he said. "The live shows with the trio have been fantastic and were really what I wanted to express with that music."

Brodie has fond memories of recording Nowhere Left to Ghost, "The process of making Nowhere will always be a wonderful time for me, the people that contributed, mainly Steve Leidal, Drake Mark and Orion Paradis at SoulSound Studios were truly a gift" he said.

Brodie is preparing for another tour, this one due east, to Southern Ontario, with Regina songstress, Ava Wild, who Brodie has a lot of good things to say about. 

"She's truly unique and I find her approach to music and writing quite inspiring" he said. "We’ve a shared love of old idyllic songs from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, you know the songs with that childlike wonder that seems cheesy now

Brodie is playing back-to-back nights at Cask 82, on March 2nd and 3rd. About Cask 82 Brodie said "I really like that it offers something Moose Jaw hasn't had in a while, a nice setting for people to appreciate alcohol, with good food and artists playing a night of music in an intimate setting."

Find Nowhere Left to Ghost on Spotify, ITunes, Bandcamp and Spotify.

Check out his video for "Even Birds Return"

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