Johnny 2 Fingers' Tour Ends With Show at Park Hotel

Nick Murray


Everyone's favourite Moose Jaw Rock and Roll band, Johnny 2 Fingers & the Deformities, are heading out on a cross-country tour that culminates with a stop at The Park Hotel, right here in the city of rain coated lovers.

The band, which consists of John Dale, "Cannonball" Kelly Gower and Travis Geib, will head to Winnipeg on March 29th for their first show and slowly make their way across the country, playing shows, almost daily, along the way. Everywhere from Keewatin to Pincher Creek.

"We go as far east as Quebec City and as far west as Vancouver" John Dale, singer/guitar player said.

John is looking forward to most of the tour, particularly a pair of stops in Toronto. One at Junction City and the other at The Bovine Sex Club. 

"You never know who is going to show up at those places".

They are also playing a bartenders birthday party at the Apollo in Thunder Bay, that John thinks has the potential to get a little out of hand.

In totality, the tour covers 32 shows in 39 days. That kind of schedule can be tough on the body, but John says it's not so bad if you don't party. 

"We usually sleep in people's houses. The good will of people is pretty cool. Besides, we've got no shame and we are pretty straight-forward. In most of these places, we have friends who are in bands that we have met over the years; there are only a couple of places where we haven't lined something up yet."

But, for any loved ones worried, John says that the van is too crammed to sleep in, so if they haven't got a place to crash, they just get a hotel room. 

The band is prepared for the road. "Not really much left to do" John said "mostly just updating social media. Shows are booked, posters are made, van is loaded."

The final date of the tour is May 6th, where they will be playing at the Park Hotel alongside The Faps.

"People can expect some bad smells" John said, about that show. "There's not many bands that smell worse than us, but The Faps accomplish that."

Here is how you can check out the music of Johnny 2 Fingers and the Deformities.

Or you can watch this here music video.

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