Sunny Day Encore and The Pink Noise

Sunny Day Encore: Chad Christison, Dahli Thompson, Justice Ausum, Eric Geib

Sunny Day Encore: Chad Christison, Dahli Thompson, Justice Ausum, Eric Geib

Nick Murray

An upstart psychedelic rock band from Moose Jaw finds themselves in a strangely fortunate position. They are scheduled to play a show with a classic Canadian scene punk band, The Pink Noise. But what makes this show even more strange and fortunate is that it will take place in a delicate Japanese desert cafe known more for its donburi rice bowls, cream puffs and crepes than its Punk aesthetic.

Sunny Day Encore will join The Pink Noise and Man Made Hill on stage at Mitsu Sweet Cafe on Tuesday May 29th (7:00pm).

"The Pink Noise are in their second decade and are well-seasoned performers" said Sunny Day Encore's frontman, Chad Christison. "Their latest album, House of Cards, is this sweet post-punk mix of Art-Pop and Punk with a hint of playful psychedelia."

House of Cards is the seventh full length LP from the Pink Noise. Their music is quite popular, amongst punk music fans, in their home city of Montreal, Quebec.

Weird Canada said that "Pink Noise is a national treasure for its achievements in the field of sleaze" and claimed that singer, Mark Sauner, "sounds like a laid-back, drug dealing, cartoon street hustler."

Check out their video for "Obsession"

Christison said that "as a newer band we are really looking forward to playing a show with some vets and seeing their live performance"

Currently, the Pink Noise is on tour with Man Made Hill, "who seems like a creative genius," said Christison.

Although the Pink Noise are well respected classics in their home city, Chad admits that nobody from his band had ever heard of them before this.

"They just messaged us one day on Bandcamp. When we put up posters, one of the women at Mitsu Sweet Cafe said her friend's friend was in the Pink Noise. So maybe we got referred that way cause we played shows there before; but we don't actually know how it all went down".

About grungy punk shows in delicate dessert shops, Chad said, "we think it's awesome and more businesses should do it. We were the first show at Mitsu; with Drake Mark on acoustic. The success of that first show led to Mitsu hosting more events".

Mitsu has recently taken over hosting the monthly Performer's Cafe for the Festival of Words. Previously the events were held at Common Cafe.

Chad and the rest of his band mates have since had meetings with the staff at Mitsu to discuss having more shows and how to effectively promote them.

"We gave them suggestions on how to get people to come out and gave them other band names in town they could have more shows with. It's great to see businesses take the initiative and try new things; even if the music doesn't "fit" the menu".

About Sunny Day Encore, Chad says they are a "four-piece dream pop/psych rock band that's been around for just about a year now".

He compares their sound to Tame Impala, Nirvana, Sonic Youth and DIIV.

"It's melodic, catchy guitar riffs drowned in delay and reverb, overtop a solid rhythm section" he said.

He also says they sing "happy songs about loneliness, heartache, existential crisis and depression."

Sunny Day Encore is made up of four Moose Javians; Chad Christison, who sings and plays lead guitar, Justice Ausum who sings and plays rhythm guitar, Eric Geib on bass and Dahli Thompson on drums. Their debut album, Rememberable, came out at the beginning of March, you can listen to it on Spotify. But check out their video for "Mondays", it was filmed at various different locations around the city.

"It's gonna be a really fun time" he said "we can't wait to play"