Rural Sask Heart Beat: Saskatchewan Photographers

Photograph by Christopher Borshowa

Photograph by Christopher Borshowa

Gilles Laberge

There are some amazing photographers across Saskatchewan, and their work has been showcased in art galleries, on book covers, on Saskatchewan Television News, on social media and on countless websites. I hope you have a chance to see some of their amazing photographic work.

This article will showcase three of my favourite local photographers. All three of which I am lucky enough to call friends.

Christopher Borshowa

Christopher's debut exhibition as an independent artist, "Obscure", was on display at Signal Hill Arts Centre in Weyburn. He opened up Dark Horse Studio in Weyburn in May 2017. His 2nd solo exhibition, "Becoming Human", was on display at The Allie Griffin Art Gallery in 2017. Rickee Lee was the subject matter for this exhibition, and the upcoming exhibition was about human emotions, struggles, and dark behaviors. His 3rd solo exhibition and his first time exhibiting outside of Weyburn, "Lost Whispers", features his "Paul Brown" inspired shoot he did with Katelyn Fraser back in October 2017 and was on display at The Eye Gallery - Doctors of Optometry in Saskatoon from May 5th to June 30th, 2018.

Also skilled in the art of recording video, Chris also shot and edited the music video for Dead Levee's debut single "Train Song" in July 2018.

Book cover photography done by Christopher Borshowa

Book cover photography done by Christopher Borshowa

Christopher's work is also featured on a pair of book covers including Breaking the Silence: Our Stories of Healing and Hope and Wild Thoughts. Breaking the a collection of personal stories about people struggling with mental health issues; and Wild Thoughts by Leena Love, which features Payton Cole (from Moose Jaw) looking like a werewolf on the cover.

He runs the Facebook page Phantasma Photography by Chris Borshowa and you can get to his website by clicking here.

Check out the video he made for Dead Levee's Train Song.

Elisa Fawcett

Photo by Elisa Fawcett

Photo by Elisa Fawcett

Elisa Fawcett is a photographer, a storm lover and a talented musician from Yellow Grass, SK. She owns and operates Fawcett Photography. She also plays the fiddle, and some of her performances can be found on her YouTube Channel. She typically takes photos of Landscapes and Nature, Family Groups, Maternity & Newborns, Portraits, Graduation and Boudoir.

Her "In The Moment" exhibit was on display at Signal Hill Arts Centre in Weyburn in 2016. I attended the reception and won a sunset photograph from Elisa on May 5th, 2016. Elisa and her photo "Silver Lighting" (Printed on metal) came in 2nd place for the 2017 James Weir People's Choice Award!

Check her out on Facebook at Fawcett Photography
Or on her website at

Andrea Lawrence

Photo by Andrea Lawrence

Photo by Andrea Lawrence

Andrea was raised on a horse ranch where she learned the value of hard work and the taste of dirt. She spent her teens like most do, trying different jobs and meeting new friends. Writing seemed to help her pass the time. She started writing poetry after settling down into the city life. Andrea then started to draw, eventually putting pictures to the words in her poems. Photography soon became her poetry in motion. She learned to use computer software to blend art, photos and words the way she wanted.

Andrea now enjoys all aspects of photography including macro, landscape, themed photo shoots, boudoir, aurora, night photography, light painting, candid, family portraits and abandoned places. Her art hashtag  been shown/purchased at the Letterbox Gallery in Lumsden, Saskatchewan.

In her spare time, Andrea Manages a Facebook photography group called Photo Addicts.

Andrea also writes rock concert and movie reviews for Canada's & 519 Magazine out of Windsor, Ontario.

She was a member of the Saskatchewan Poetry Society and has been published in two books with them. Look for When the Wind Speaks and Ensemble in Black Ink next time your at Chapters.

Her Website showcases her photos and digital art: