Greg Rekus Returns to the Park Hotel

Nick Murray

Greg Rekus, the foot stompin', string destroyin', endlessly tourin' solo acoustic punk rock troubadour will be back in Moose Jaw to play a show at the Park Hotel on Saturday September the 15th.

Greg Rekus  Photo by LP

Greg Rekus

Photo by LP

Rekus tours most of the year, every year and his tours keep bringing him back to the friendly city. Most recently Rekus played a show in Moose Jaw back in June in which he shared the stage with local acts Sam Cole and Underclass Exiles. Before that, he was here in September of 2017 where he played alongside Friend Friend. So, he’s no stranger to Moose Jaw and the music being made in this city.

About his last show he said "it was great. Fun bands and fun friends. I remember it being particularity cold that night but, being a Winnipeg boy, it was nothing I couldn't handle. Tim (Holehouse), who I was touring with, is from London, England and was a bit shocked how cold -30 actually feels."

Greg toured all the way west to Vancouver and then on down south where he crossed the Mexican border with Tim Holehouse. He then took a short break and worked a festival in Winnipeg before opting to hit the road for another tour; this time doing three months in the Midwest USA before flying to Europe for ten weeks.

Greg Rekus is touring in support of the vinyl re-release of his 2014 record Punkcoustic

Greg Rekus is touring in support of the vinyl re-release of his 2014 record Punkcoustic

"This tour is in support of the vinyl re-release of my second album Punkcoustic" Rekus said. Punkcoustic was released in 2014 and is home to some of Greg's most popular tracks, like "The Worst", "Oil in the Ground" and "Abandon the Guilty".

You can listen to Punkcoustic on Bandcamp.

Since that record Greg Rekus has also released an album with his backing band, The Inside Job called Sibling Cities. You can listen to that one on BandCamp too

"I'll be out on tour from September 13 until November 26; all over North America" Rekus said.

Then after that…you guessed it; Rekus wants to do more touring.

"...and I wanna do a new album next year" he added.

This time Greg will again have local acts on the bill as a pair of Moose Jaw songwriters, Drake Mark and Riviere, have been booked as well.

Here is an interview we did with Greg the last time he came to Moose Jaw called Greg Rekus and the Not-So-Subtle Art of Loitering

For those in Regina or who simply can’t make it to the show on the 15th, Greg is also playing the Fat Badger on Thursday the 13th.

Check out Greg playing “The Worst” from Punkcoustic