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Nick Murray

Bobby's Place is set to host a Comedy Jam; and if all turns out well, it's something we could be seeing a lot more of in Moose Jaw.

A Moose Jaw resident, Garrett DeLaurier is coordinating something called a Moose Jam Comedy event on September 30th.

DeLaurier admits that he would ultimately like to have a comedy club in Moose Jaw but is satisfied, for the time being, with finding comedians to come to Moose Jaw and perform.

The inaugural show will bring in Nick Beaton, a charismatic and popular comedian from Toronto, to headline, as well as a Saskatoon comedian named Derek Yee, for a night of entertainment and raucous laughter.

Nick Beaton

Nick Beaton

Nick Beaton is a working man's comedian; a blue collar type and his comedy is a reflection of that. He cuts through the bullcrap of this bureaucratic society that takes itself far too seriously. He takes a "no prisoners" approach to writing comedy, as in, you'll probably get offended by something he says, but that's sort of the point. He picks no bones when riffing on the male/female relationship and he sure doesn't tone down his language when mocking people he perceives as dumb or celebrities or athletes or infomercials or just about every single topic he covers.

"He does have more brash material but it isn't lurid or sexual, just more curse words than anything" DeLaurier said about enlisting Beaton for the Moose Jam.

DeLaurier added that he "wasn't intentionally getting an edgy comedian, I enjoy all types of comedy."

Beaton received glowing reviews at his recent Edinburgh Festival show and he has performed at Montreal's famous Just For Laughs before

DeLaurier claims the desire to bring comedy shows to Moose Jaw is rooted in his own want to try comedy himself.

"I wanted to try stand up, but there weren't many places to go to, the Thirsty Scholar in Saskatoon sometimes did it, and The Exchange has done 'pass the hats' before in Regina but that's about it. So I started thinking about having a regular comedy club in Moose Jaw and as I told people about my idea, everyone seemed excited and they all thought I had to try it."

Derek Yee

Derek Yee

Derek Yee will also be performing that night. Yee is an up-and-coming comic from who sharpened his teeth in the world of improv for more than ten years. The transition to stand up comedy has been seamless as he has won several comedy competitions already.

Garrett is already in contact with performers for a second Moose Jam comedy show in, December

"I don't want to start advertising for that until things are a little more concrete" he admitted.

Take that for what you will. But it seems Moose Jaw is set to get a little funnier.

Tickets will be available at NBS beginning Monday. Or Text 1 306 681-0331