Nutt Sends Them Home Laughing

By Robert Thomas

“I don't write jokes I tell funny stories,” the chain smoking stand up comedian Tim Nutt told MJ Independent after appearing in Moose Jaw on Friday evening at the Mitsu Café.

Nutt, who played the now defunct Watts on Main about 18 years ago, is no stranger to the friendly city and its notorious tough crowds. Two city mottos Garrett DeLaurier is trying to change to the funniest city with his Moose Jam Comedy production company.

Friday evening’s comedy night performers included headliner Tim Nutt (far right) - MJ Independent Photo

Friday evening’s comedy night performers included headliner Tim Nutt (far right) - MJ Independent Photo

DeLaurier's dream got a big shot in that direction with Nutt's performance.

Nutt told stories about his life as a “middle aged 49 year old man” and his take on life.

He began his 50 minute set telling stories which dealt with his life and the “back in my day” of how so many things have changed from his carefree younger days and how new technology has overtaken him.

Nutt dealt with his own mortality punching fun at how at age 49 he is now considered middle aged.

“I am 49 and there is no way I am going to be 98. Middle age for me was some time ago,” Nutt said twisting his voice drawing laughter and applause from the audience.

Later in his set Nutt continued to talk about his life and how he was getting older and it was affecting his health. 

He spoke about having a sense of entitlement when it came to waking up with a sore knee and a headache he immediately went to his doctor's office for relief because of Medicare. 

But for Nutt it was going to the doctor with no appointment and barging into his office addressing his doctor by his first name to “immediately do every test possible.”

When tests come back his knee will permanently have pain due to previous injuries and his age of 49 years Nutt said he thought it would be his liver giving out and not his knee to outpouring of laughter.

Later in the set he would say he was “keeping tabs on his second and third cousins” inferring they would make great liver donors to another big round of applause.

Nutt would be thwarted with his plan disappearing when he went to a family reunion to discover none of his distant cousins would “make great donors” as they had habits just as bad as his garnering applause and laughter. 

Nutt spoke about how during his career his hair had become longer because of choices 

“I found out a case of beer and a haircut are the same price that's why I have long hair. That's 12 more cases of beer for me a year,” he quipped to more laughter.

The set continued as Nutt told more stories about his life with only a couple of misses for laughs the experienced comedian easily adapted to.

Nutt took shots at today's technology and how the Smart Phone was making people dumber instead of smarter as he used satire to show its true hilarious effect on society.

In the end Nutt's journey of his life was a success as he lampooned everyday realities in a way which showed many of the silly and ironic aspects of today's society of a man facing middle age.

Following his set Nutt spoke about his appearing in a smaller venue such as Moose Jaw as where the industry was headed.

“I will play anywhere there is a new renaissance in comedy…it is becoming popular again (to perform at smaller venues). Having grass roots places and performing in non-traditional venues is fun,” he said, adding smaller venues moved away from the feel of comedy clubs to a “coffee shop vibe.” 

“It's moving away from chain comedy…playing smaller venues you are finding people who wouldn't go to comedy clubs.”

He spoke about the rise of the Internet and how social media allows comedians to reach fans but at the same time playing live was important to help build a fan base.

Nutt said smaller venues was also “part of Canadian comedy “

“I am a big damn believer in having work is better than having no work.”

“I really, really enjoy it. The majority of what I do is corporate…I do my show my way with regular people with different expectations…it’s a lot of fun.”

Asked if he would play Moose Jaw again Nutt replied “definitely” and would also tell other comedians he knew about performing here.

“It will take some time but comedy has a great fan base here.”

“The show was awesome! Tim Nutt is a really talented comedian,” DeLaurier said.

DeLaurier said he is working on his next production.

“The turn out was good. It was a good amount of people for the venue…Next time I think I will plan for a bigger show at a bigger venue, maybe in more of a bar setting,” he stated.

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