Public Library To Offer Free Movies

By Jordan Bosch

There is no shortage of stuff to do at the Moose Jaw Library this summer. From summer reading challenges for children, youth, and adults (complete with grand prizes at the end of August) to teen writing programs, Magic the Gathering, and other gaming nights, and a whole host of events for children. There are also a couple movie showings (obviously my particular area of interest and personal brand).

The first on July 31st at 6:30 pm is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, one of those movies that demands to be seen on a big screen.


I’ve written both a review and an essay on this masterpiece of animation and superhero storytelling already, so suffice it to say it’s a movie worth seeing at any opportunity.

The groundbreaking, stylish, mesmerizing animation compliments an exceptionally smart, funny, engrossing, and moving story all about self-identity and the power of diversity. It’s also the purest of comic book movies, the most in touch visually with the art form that spawned it, and to cap it all off, has one of the best soundtracks to a movie in recent years. It’s a phenomenal gem that you would be remiss not to catch.

It will be followed on August 17th with Captain Marvel at 2:30 pm, this years’ empowering 90’s throwback superhero movie, which is definitely worth seeing here if you missed it in cinemas for Brie Larson’s strong subdued performance, an important message on individuality and assertiveness, and some great visual effects work (particularly the de-aging of Samuel L. Jackson).

Check out these screenings, both of which are absolutely free, in addition to all the other cool stuff you can partake in at the library this summer.

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