Theo Fleury Has Beef With Justin Trudeau

Nick Murray

Never one to blend in with the crowd or back down from controversy, the ever-feisty, superbly outspoken and tenaciously driven human rattlesnake that is Theoren Fleury, has developed quite a reputation for setting his targets on transgressors.

The All-time greatest Moose Jaw Warrior doesn't back down from the extremely powerful either. This time, it seems he's sunk his venomous fangs into the throat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  

And based on a string of tweets, one could easily come to the conclusion that Fleury has quite the distaste for the PM.


On five separate occasions he has tweeted about him...and on another he retweeted an article written by Andrew Coyne, claiming that Trudeau had broken the law, and, as a result, should be criminally investigated for it. 

The first tweet was certainly a little vague, and without the following four, you may not even have been convinced it was directed at Trudeau.


"We the people should no longer tolerate the stupidity of politics and the leaderless leaders who are in that position. Ego will never be met by followers. It will only be met with the hope that commons sense, humility and compassion becomes the norm"

But it was the following few that clarified, without a doubt, who exactly Theo was referring too. 

"The Ethnics Commissioner needs to be overruled by the Minister of Common Sense. There are no consequences for breaking the law anymore????? What an awesome example we are setting. Now that’s leadership. Anybody else feel this way????"


It may not yet be clear to you just what incident Theo is talking about here, so allow me to explain.

It was found, by the ethics commissioner, on December 20, that Justin Trudeau was in violation of sections 5, 11, 12 and 21 of the federal Conflict of Interest Act. He had gone on an all expenses-paid vacation, to the private Bahaman island of a French business magnate, and one of the world's ten richest royals, Aga Khan.

Receiving a free vacation wasn't the problem though; what got Trudeau in trouble was the fact that Aga Khan was doing official business with the Canadian government. His foundation was actually registered to lobby the office of the Prime Minister.  It's not unreasonable to think that Aga Khan may have been attempting to persuade or influence Trudeau by gifting him that luxurious Caribbean vacation.  Furthermore, according to the criminal code, not only is it a criminal offence for an employee of the government to accept rewards, commissions or advantages from a person who has dealings with the government; its punishable by up to five years in prison.

I suppose Theo's tweet was, just as much, an attack on the ethics commissioner though, who claimed that the bad press Trudeau received over this whole ordeal was punishment enough.

It seems that Theo just wants Trudeau to be held to the same legal standards as everyone else in the country.


"Trudeau’s town hall tour is all about how he got away with breaking the law. He’s mocking all Canadians. You see the problem with big egos is that they don’t have the capacity to listen. He actually thinks he’s doing a good job!!!! Unbelievable."

This came in response to Trudeau's mealy-mouthed inability to answer a very simple question about his vacation.  (

It should be noted that Trudeau did apologize. But he didn't apologize for breaking the law and accepting the gift from a person with whom he quite clearly shared a conflict of interest with. He apologized for not clearing the vacation with the ethics minister in advance. Likely, because he would have been informed that it was illegal and he wouldn't have gotten to go on that fantastic holiday.

This non-admittance of the gravity of the problem, this whole deflected apology business seems to have been what really set Theo ablaze. 


""I will forever stand up for people who abuse and break the law. Just because its Trudeau you think that I’m just making a play on him. Ive been a consistent advocate for all who abuse and take advantage of people. We are making a difference & that will continue"

I think it's fairly clear that he meant to say he stands "up to people who abuse and break the law" and not "for" them. But here he is again, making sure everybody knows that he thinks Trudeau is a criminal.

"Totally agree. We need someone to lead who has integrity. Not influenced by any business. That truly cares about each and every Canadian citizens well being and livelihood."


That settles it. He doesn't like Trudeau.

Theo currently does a bit of public speaking, aimed at helping people realize their inner worth. 

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