Citywide Curbside Garbage Removal has been Tabled


Robert Thomas

The issue of converting the entire City of Moose Jaw to curbside garbage collection has been tabled for the time being.

At the January 29th budget meeting, Council’s budget committee decided to set the issue aside until after they receive a report from Administration on the results of a telephone survey. The $10,000 survey will randomly contact 200 people, in areas which have already transitioned to curbside, new garbage collection zones 1-4, and in areas yet to be transitioned (5-8), commencing at the end of the month. 


The survey will gauge public opinion on the controversial garbage collection plan, which dominated local Council meetings for months, in 2017. The survey will commence at the end of the month and will feature eight to ten questions, which are designed to obtain what would best be described as an objective opinion on the program, from residents. 

The City has asked that residents please respond. Your call display will have Insightrix on it, plus the company claims it will not ask any personal questions, they are just concerned with curbside garbage collection.

The survey results are expected to be completed by March 9th.

At the January 13th Budget Committee meeting, with only MJ Independent in attendance, an attempt was made to pass curbside without public consultation, which resulted in a debate and the issue being tabled until the January 29th Budget Committee meeting.

Council received a memo on January 26th from Administration recommending the entire issue be tabled until after the results of the survey are finalized.


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