City Answers Questions About Trailers at the Landfill

Robert Thomas

One of the biggest questions\concerns raised to MJ Independent this past week was regarding why trailers are exempted from the free landfill for spring cleaning. 

To help our readers understand the reasons why residents are being charged for trailers and they are not being exempted the fee we asked City Hall to respond to the concerns and questions directed at us. 

Here are the responses from Craig Hemingway, Communications Director for the City of Moose Jaw.

We have had concerns raised about the use of trailers to haul out to the free landfill days. Can you explain why the City has this rule?   

ANSWER : The City is offering this free service as a means to dispose of day-to-day household and organic outdoor waste. There have been recent issues with trailers (both commercial and residential) being used to dispose of large, non-organic materials during the free landfill periods offered in Spring and Fall. 

The City waives the $10 fee outlined in the Waste Management Bylaw (#5156 Schedule C) which states Tipping Fees for Light Vehicles (1/2 ton and smaller).  The fee exemption does not apply to trailers, which are weighed and pay by weight throughout the year.  

How long has this rule applied? 

The program has always been structured in this manner, but the City has attempted to be accommodating and show some leniency in the past. However, because of issues like those listed above, the City has been transitioning to more adherence of the rule over the last couple of years. 

There is some question about fairness when it comes to people having only a small trailer behind a car how would the City respond to this concern? 

Further to the answer to question #2, the City is trying to operate this program consistently and efficiently. Attempting to put definitions on what a “small” trailer is, then having Landfill staff having to inspect and/or measure each trailer could create a new set of issues (delays, disagreements, etc.).  

Do you have anything else to add?   

This program is meant to supplement the residential collection program at the change of major seasons and was not designed to accommodate all waste streams or unlimited volumes.  

To manage the program efficiently we need to operate within the designated parameters related to the Bylaw. There are significant costs involved in handling waste and the Utility’s operational expenses to manage waste from the two free landfill periods in 2018 is estimated at over $100,000.  

Additionally, Some customers have been very rude to staff at the Landfill and we remind customers that the City of Moose Jaw has a Respectful Workplace Policy where verbal or physical abuse is not tolerated.

The City has traditionally waived Landfill fees in the Spring and Fall to assist residents clean up their yards. The program runs until the end of the month.

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