There Could Soon be a New School on South Hill


Robert Thomas

The possibility of a new joint use school on South Hill, between Prairie South School Division and Holy Trinity Catholic School Division (HTCSD) inched a little closer to becoming a reality.

In a report to the Prairie South board, an update provided by the Partnership and Team Building Committee said they had met with the HTCSD board as well as Moose Jaw City Council.  The purpose of the meeting with Council was to try to get the City to join in on the effort. 

As a result of the meeting, Council had requested information related to the footprint of a joint use school for 1000 students.

The board was advised of the progress and the plans, from three operating joint use schools in the province of that size, which had been sent to the City.

A joint use school is a school where both Public and Separate (Catholic) school divisions share the same building but teach their students according to each divisions own values. By being a joint use school, it allows sharing certain resources such as a gymnasium and playground areas instead of duplication and added expense. 

Both school divisions have sought a new school on South Hill near new residential development for a number of years.

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