SGI Releases January's #DriveSober Numbers


Chad Pimlott and SGI

SGI released it's January numbers from it's traffic safety spotlight (January was #DriveSober month), and although not the worst month in history, it's still clear that Saskatchewan has lots of room for improvement, as far as impaired driving is concerned. There were 253 reported impaired driving offences.

One year ago, in January 2017, there were 276 reported offences, so there was a small improvement, but there were still more reported offences than in the previous month; which only saw 238.

Here is a breakdown of the impaired-driving related offences.

  • 147 Criminal Code charges such as blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeding .08, impaired driving or refusing a breath test.

  • 68 roadside suspensions (experienced drivers with a BAC ranging from .04 to .08.

SGI knows that this province can get those numbers far lower, so they've got a little message for people planning an evening out.

"Going to the gym every day or learning to speak fluent Italian? Those are tough resolutions. Planning a fun and responsible night out – including how you’re getting there and how you’re getting home – if there’s a risk of being impaired by alcohol or drugs? That’s an easy resolution. If you can plan where you’re going, we know you can plan a safe ride home – every time.

There is always a better choice than driving impaired. Ask a sober friend, take a bus or taxi, call a safe ride service. Be a good wingman and help family and friends get home safely by offering to be the designated driver, calling them a safe ride, or letting them stay over."

Remember that "impaired" includes not just alcohol, but drugs as well, so even if you're just sitting in a buddies garage, sucking back fat bucket tokes, it's important to plan a safe ride home. It's for your safety and the safety of others out there, who might also be on the road. Impaired driving is the leading cause of traffic fatalities on Saskatchewan roads, and it's also probably the quickest way an otherwise law abiding citizen can find themselves facing a stint in the big house. Impaired driving is preventable. 100% of the time.

 Other results from the January spotlight included*:

  • 500 distracted driving offences (416 of those for cellphone use)

  • 312 offences related to seatbelts or car seats

  • 4,612 speeding/aggressive driving offences

    Impaired Driving will be the focus several more times throughout 2018. The February Traffic Safety Spotlight is on seatbelts and car seats - #BuckleUp!

* Includes all traffic safety focus results for January 2017 submitted by police as of February 21, 2018.

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