SNOWMAGEDDON 2018: Focus Moves to Snow Removal

With Priority One roads, bus routes and majority of Priority Two roads plowed, the City is now shifting from snow clearing to snow removal.

At Monday night's meeting of Moose Jaw City Council, Josh Mickleborough, Director of Engineering said crews have now changed focus.

Mickleborough said the focus was now on snow removal activities.  "Clearing will be limited," he said.

An assessment was done of residential areas and rutting had not hit the depth where a residential plow would be necessary.

Mickleborough said, anecdotally, the City had been receiving most complaints about windrows. 

"The focus was to open up (streets) so people could get where they wanted to go," Mickelborough said when asked by Councilor Dawn Luhning. 

Snow was temporarily stored in windrows and will be removed, he said.

Councillor Luhning had asked about snow windrows in the metered parking stalls downtown and plans to clear the snow to allow access for customers of downtown businesses.

Photo Credit - temporary snow windrow in front of a business.

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