Budget Targets Infrastructure

Robert Thomas

With the 2018 Operating and Capital budgets now passed, the City has provided some of the highlights as where taxes, utility and other fees are targeted.

The list is as follows:.

-$23 million for construction of the Buffalo Pound to Moose Jaw water supply transmission line project
- $5.85 million for Phase Three of water main replacement
-$3.6 million for road rehabilitation
-$2.3 million to replace the Main St. Northbound bridge
-$484,500 to restore or replace sidewalks, curbs and medians
-$335,000 in Public Library/Art Museum upgrades
-$165,000 to convert the East End Park paddling pool to a spray park
-Addition of Project Manager position to Engineering Dept. to oversee major infrastructure projects
-Addition of Assistant City Planner position for more responsive customer service to residents and developers
-Addition of a Geographic Integrated Services (GIS) -Technician to help maintain and update City infrastructure records

The budget was introduced in December as a "status quo" budget and a 4.01 percent tax increase plus a water rate hike of 15 percent and a sanitary sewer rate increase of six percent.

After failing to pass, due to a 4-3 vote against, the preliminarily approved 15 percent water rate hike Council subsequently passed a 6.41 percent property tax increase and a nine percent water and six percent sanitary sewer increase.

For an average assessed home ($252,000) the tax increase equals $82 annually and the average water use bill rising  $101.91/month to $109.69/month.


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