Phase 3 of Water Main Replacement Released

Robert Thomas

The planned areas for cast iron water main replacements have been finalized; the contractor has been selected and now the City wants to provide information and updates to affected property owners, residents and others affected by or interested in the replacements.

The City is planning on holding two information sessions for affected Phase Three property owners. The information sessions will be held March 28th and April 3rd from 7-9pm at City Council chambers.

The finalized project list for Phase Three is as follows :

- Manitoba Street E from Main Street to 3rd Avenue NE

- Second Ave NE from Fairford Street to Manitoba St E

- 12th Ave SW from Lillooet St W to Vaughan St W

- Athabasca St W from 9th Ave NW to 10th Ave NW

- Seventh Ave NW from Saskatchewan St W to MacDonald St W

- Algoma Ave from MacDonald St W to Laurier St W

- 11th Ave NE from Fairford Street E to Stadacona St E

- Athabasca St E from 11th Ave NE to 13th Ave NE

The information sessions are open to all affected property owners, who are encouraged to attend, said Craig Hemingway, Communications Manager for the City of Moose Jaw.

“Our engineering consultants will be there providing all the information to property owners about what is taking place in front of their properties,” Hemingway said.

The information night will not be just for informing what is happening but also taking questions and listening to concerns from affected property owners.

“The whole idea is to do a presentation and provide information from the engineers and the City’s side and then answer questions. This the opportunity to ask questions,” Hemingway stated.


Some of the things being discussed will be how those affected will receive information and whose responsibility it is to update people, the City’s or contractor’s. Also, those affected will be told how the work will progress and how, once the work is started, how they will be updated.

Asked if there were going to be changes to address some of the concerns and complaints raised last year from frustrated property and business owners, in Phase Two, about difficulties in finding information, Hemingway said the City was addressing the issue.

Phase Two saw  many complaints raised about the lack of information being provided by the City; especially to business owners on High Street West. That project is still not finished, with road paving to be completed in the Spring, the funds will be carried over to complete the work, Budget Committee was told.

The City is also planning to provide updates for everyone, including residents and tourists, through regular updates on the City web-site advising of construction progress and possible road closures. 

“All of it will be very clear on the City web-site, which is launching very, very soon,” he stated.

For affected property owners, the City will also be mailing out letters and information packages as well, Hemingway said. “Because we recognize not everyone affected can make it to an information session.”

At the present time, it is unknown when construction will begin, because it is “weather dependent," and the frost needs to come out of the ground and mild Spring weather to arrive. Once that happens construction will begin and the public will be updated. 

The $5.9 million contract for Phase Three was awarded to KMS Construction out of Tuxford. The firm worked on Phase One. Phase One appeared to be problem free but at the present time the City is preparing a report about bills residents received regarding service connection installations – see story link below.

Phase Three will see 2.7 kilometres of outdated cast iron water mains replaced. The work is part of a 20 year plan to replace all cast iron water mains at an estimated cost of $117 million. 

Council was previously told the lines selected for replacement were based upon the break history and condition of the line, with those in the worst shape selected for replacement. 

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