Record Setting 50/50 Ticket Still Unclaimed


Robert Thomas

It’s one of the greatest secrets around town and it’s creating almost as much buzz as the Moose Jaw Warriors in local hockey circles.

“Has the 50/50 from the Warriors game been claimed yet? And who won it?” are questions being asked by more than a few locals.

Well, you might want to dig through your pants, wallet, purse, your trash can or even the dumpsters behind Mosaic Place – use your discretion - because the prize is still unclaimed.

“It was an amazing feeling to have the amount go that high. It exceeded our expectations! We anticipated about $80,000, not $105,895 in actual sales that night. Beat our old CHL (Canadian Hockey League) record with 50/50. No other CHL team has hit that high for actual nightly sales. They said in fact it beat most of the AHL teams too,” Randy Nesvold, President of the Moose Jaw Warriors said in a Facebook Messenger interview.

Nesvold also said they had heard nothing about any potential winner other than “hearsay," so it all remains a mystery as to who holds the winning ticket.

The yet to be claimed 50/50 prize of $166,615 was drawn in game one (March 23rd) of the Moose Jaw Warriors versus the Prince Albert Raiders and the winner’s share is for a record $83,308.

Although there has been no name floating around the City as to who won, there is plenty of speculation and rumours floating around as to why the winner(s) have yet to come forward. The speculation runs the gamut from reasonable to tongue in cheek humour.

Some of the rumours which have been circulating in the community about why the prize still remains unclaimed are:

- It likely got tossed in the trash
- The dog ate it just like his high school homework
- Who ever won it is a cheap skate and doesn’t want to buy a round of burgers and drinks
- The guy who won it is recuperating from a heart attack.
- The guy who won it is still celebrating and forgot to claim the prize
- It’s a PA fan just rubbing it in and is going to claim it Saturday night (if you want to find out for sure there are still tickets available for the game)
- The guy doesn’t know he won it

But by far the most popular rumour circulating in the community causing a few chuckles is that “somebody won it and is going through a divorce and doesn’t want to give any to their ex-spouse.” But such a rumour is, of course, unverified.

“In the event that it’s not claimed after 90 days, the entire amount would be re-seeded to a future event. Since the season  end would be after that date, my guess would be the home opener next regular season,” Nesvold stated, adding “I just want to say we have the best fans in the entire WHL. They support the Warriors big time and our jackpots show that!”

The Warriors lead the Raiders three games to one in the best of seven series. Tickets to game five are still available and may be purchased on-line at or in person at the Mosaic Place ticket box office.

It also needs to be stated that tickets are selling out fast, so purchase early for the best seat selection.

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