Snowmageddon 2018: Saints With Snow Blowers

Robert Thomas

Moose Jaw's moniker of being the Friendly City, and not the grouchy city due to snow related tensions, was saved by a few anonymous saints with snow blowers.

One man with a snow blower noticed the kids near King George School walking on the road because of the deep snow along Hall Street between 4th and 5th Avenues. Fearing tragedy and seeing some kids almost being hit, he went out and cleared snow to keep the kids off of the street.

Another man, who doesn't want to be identified, put his new snow blower, that he bought at the Sears clear-out to the test, when he cleared his entire block.  He didn't want his name mentioned, as his wife told him, under no circumstances to buy a snow blower, so he hid it in the shed and she doesn't know about it yet.

So, sssshhhh, it's a secret.

So who are these saints with snow blowers who are hard to unmask and slow to take credit?  Well we managed to track one of them down and he doesn't know it yet.

When his new next door neighbour, Darla, arrived home from a two week vacation in Mexico to find her front sidewalk cleared. A drive by snow blower incident had occurred. Darla had to go to the store and so she swept her truck off and she came back to a clear  the driveway. The neighbour never took any credit but it was obvious whose garage the snow blower had come from.

Throughout the past days of Snowmageddon 2018, Rob Carney of 800 CHAB has been doing his best to put a bright and positive side, on what for some has best been described as a mess. Mr Carney has been asking people to stay calm and help out others if they are able. Well it seems Mr Carney leads a double life and puts his money where his microphone is and did some anonymous snow removal.

It's OK Rob to take a bow. I think your neighbour is truly grateful.

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