Upcoming Inquest into the Death of Brianna Kannick


Chad Pimlott

A public inquest has been called into the death of a young woman who passed away, suddenly, while in custody at Regina's White Birch Remand Centre.

Breanna Kannick was arrested in Moose Jaw,  on an outstanding drug charge. She was being held at the remand facility and only a few hours away from a bail hearing when she passed. It was August 20th, 2015 and she was only 21 years of age.

The coroner overseeing the inquest is Alma Wiebe.

The inquest will take place from March 26-29 at Regina's Holiday Inn. It was called on account of the coroner not being satisfied that the death occurred as a result of natural causes; or that it was not preventable.

The details surrounding her death have led to concerns about the treatment she received while in custody. Kannick had struggled with heroin addiction and was going through severe withdrawals at the time of her death. It's been reported that before passing, she had been kicking on her cell door and asking for help; and, to make matters worse, the family learned of the death not through the mouths of the people keeping her in custody, but instead through Facebook.

MJ Independent will report on the outcome of the inquest.

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