Major Theft from Prairie South School Division

Robert Thomas

Accounting controls have lead to one former Prairie South School Division employee accused of a major theft.

It’s alleged that a former employee stole $18,795 while in the division’s employment and was subsequently terminated. The school division so far was able to recover $6,749 with $12,046 still unaccounted for.

The investigation is presently in the hands of the Moose Jaw Police Service. 

“This is an unfortunate incident, however we are pleased that we were able to identify the theft and recover a portion of the funds,” Prairie South’s Director of Education, Tony Baldwin said in a news release.

Baldwin praised the accounting protocols and procedures for determining a theft had occurred and who the alleged thief was.

“While it is very sad, the school division has been the victim of a dishonest employee, our internal team performed as it should have; this allowed us to insure that the theft was addressed appropriately through HR processes and the legal system,” he said in the prepared statement.

The theft was reported December 17, 2017.

Although MJ Independent has identified who the alleged perpetrator was of the theft we will not be publishing the name as the matter is still under investigation.

Saskatchewan school divisions are legally required to report losses quarterly and Ministry of Education publishes the list as part of their accountability process.

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