YMCA Move Opponent Still Skeptical

Robert Thomas

Despite an expressed willingness to start a dialogue, one of the leading proponents to keep the Y at its 220 Fairford Street East location has reservations.

Asked what to make of what happened at the meeting, Jeremy Brehm said "I'm not exactly sure what to make of it. It seemed like deflection, the board had made up their minds and they have already voted and they aren't listening to what we had to say.

It seemed to the vast majority of the people here have wanted this facility to stay open or at least explore options to keep it open."

Asked if he thought there had been deception from the Y's Board, Brehm said he believed it to be true.

"That was why I had the direct question of yes or no. I just kept hearing deflection, deflection and it really doesn't speak to an honest mindset. Why are they doing that? What are they hiding? If you were straight up and communicating we're closing because of A B and C and we voted for these reasons we can understand that. When you are trying to constantly trying to circumvent the question and dodge the issue it just makes me suspicious."

Asked if he was hopeful, he said "I don't know about hopeful.

I will continue to try and continue to work and see how things go. But the general impression I got from the Board was they weren't generally interested in what we had to say."

Regarding the Y posting a profit in its childcare facilities but losing money on fitness, he said it should all be considered as one pot.

"In my opinion, it should be seen as a whole. Obviously you try to improve specific aspects of the business as a whole"

"I envision the Y as a hub of Moose Jaw you have the park and pool here."

Jeff Fox, CEO of the Y, said the meeting did have an effect.

"I didn't know what to expect tonight. I wasn't surprised but I didn't know what to expect. You know as a board and a staff there was some really good Y stories that came out of this evening. I told my story and she also told her story. I think our board is transparent and all they care about is what's best for the YMCA and the community.I think we will take a step back and re-evaluate that's for sure."

Asked about other ways to raise funds that were mentioned at the meeting Fox said "I'd be interested to see that."

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"We are open to other ideas and if we think we can raise the extra money on the operating model I'd be interested in that."

Throughout the meeting, Fox said he was open to showing the figures on the estimated repair costs and what drove the Board to make their decision to any Y member interested.