Drivers More Likely to be Caught Driving impaired

MJ Independent

You are more likely now, more so than ever before, to be caught if you make the choice to drive impaired. At least that's what SGI's May Traffic Safety Spotlight results show.

Last month, police reported 404 impaired driving offences, including 352 Criminal Code charges.

"This tells us two things" said Tyler McMurchy, SGI's Media Relations Manager. "One. Police remain very focused on catching them, and two; some people still need to do a much better job of planning a safe ride home."

SGI is "cautiously optimistic" that Saskatchewan’s impaired driving problem is starting to get better – 2017 saw the lowest number of deaths and injuries from collisions involving alcohol or drugs since we began keeping track in 1988 – but impaired driving is still the leading cause of death on Saskatchewan roads.

"Unfortunately, May’s results show not everyone has got the message" McMurchy said.

Saskatchewan has tough consequences for impaired drivers, including vehicle seizures, licence suspensions, costly demerit points, mandatory DWI courses, ignition interlock requirements, fines, possible jail time and a criminal record.

SGI would like to this opportunity to remind people to #DriveSober.

During May, police also issued tickets for other traffic infractions including:

  • 544 distracted driving offences (including 447 for cellphone use)
  • 6,087 tickets for speeding or aggressive driving
  • 445 offences regarding seatbelts/child car seats      

"Remember, impaired is impaired" McMurchy stated

In Saskatchewan, it’s currently illegal and will continue to be illegal to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, even once marijuana use becomes legal in Canada later this year.

Police continue to focus on new drivers in June.
* Includes all traffic safety focus results for May 2018 submitted by police as of June 25, 2018.