What Happens to the YMCA Building

Robert Thomas

Some big questions many in the community are asking concerning the YMCA are about what would happen to the YMCA flagship building, at 220 Fairford Street East, when the Moose Jaw YMCA vacates? Could the Y sell it and use the money elsewhere? Who could use the building?

Despite what many might think, the building and lthe land are not owned by the Y but by the City of Moose Jaw. The building and land were leased for 50 years from the City.

In a written statement, City of Moose Jaw Communications Director, Craig Hemingway, stated "the YMCA is within its right to vacate the building as per it's 1973 lease agreement."

"The City owns the building and as per the agreement, the City would assume operation of the building should the YMCA leave," the statement read.

The City has not inspected and has no evaluations as to the condition of the facility. The dire need of repairs totalling close to $3 million, over a number of years, was a key factor in the decision to vacate. The Y is responsible for repair costs.

"The City has not conducted evaluations of the building - those would have been handled by the YMCA over the years. If the City assumes operation of the building, we would need to do a full evaluation of the building and take a report to Council before making any determination on its future use," the statement read.