Jitney Dance Hall is Getting a New Roof


Robert Thomas

Worn out shingles coupled with the vandalism of the Jitney Dance Hall has Wakamow Valley Authority requesting to replace a cedar shake roof with a lookalike.

Speaking to Executive Committee, Scott Hellings Chair of the Heritage Advisory Committee said that the group agreed to a lookalike because “kids were lighting them (cedar shakes) on fire” and they were worn out. He had previously described it as vandalism.

Councillor Chris Warren asked if there were any concerns about using the lookalike fibreglass shingles instead of cedar shakes and Hellings replied that  there was none.

“They felt pretty confident this was a good compromise,” Hellings replied.

The Jitney Dance Hall is located in Connor’s Park, and was built in 1916, it is a designated Heritage Property. The Jitney Dance Hall was highly popular in the 1920s and early 1930s.

This past year Wakamow has seen vandalism with someone causing severe damage to the toilets as well as playground structures in the past as reported by MJ Independent

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