DFFH Board Could Be Dissolved

Robert Thomas

In a press release the City announced they will be holding a special meeting today at 5:30 pm in order to consider a bylaw to remove the board of the Downtown Facility and Field House (DFFH) and replace it with Jim Puffalt City Manager.

The proposed bylaw comes after Executive Committee met in-camera to discuss a personnel matter involving the DFFH. The official reason for the probe has never been made public. 

If the bylaw passes all three readings the Board of Directors for the DFFH will be immediately dissolved and replaced by City Manager Jim Puffalt. 

This is the second time in its existence the DFFH board has been dissolved. The first dissolution came after the MNP report into the operations at the DFFH which found mismanagement and that former CEO Scott Clark had withheld information into the true operations of the DFFH and ran the facilities as a personal business.

In the MNP Report there is a mention regarding the need for better staff training.

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