The Week That Was


Nick Murray

It was another Week That Was here in the Surprisingly Unexpected city. A week not much unlike any great action movie. It had a little bit of money (well, a lot of bit of money, actually), it had some politics (potentially questionable), it had some fantastic music and some high caliber athletics.

Let's get in to it.

Hockey Season


The WHL season is back in action and your 2018 Moose Jaw Warriors were on the ice. Although they lost the first game of the season in Brandon, game two was truly a once-in-a-lifetime hockey event at Mosaic Place. There was a record-setting 50/50 raffle up for grabs. Hell, it set a record last season when nobody turned up to claim it and at this year's home opener fans were lining up for a chance to take that cash home. The total 50/50 jackpot cleared $380,000; and guess what, as of this writing it still hasn't been claimed. Yikes.

But it wasn't just the chance to win that money people were amped about. That's right, I said "amped". Prior to the game the team named it's new captain and alternate captains and they entered the ice with uproarious applause before taking part in a nail-biter of a battle filled with ups and downs and impressive moments.

To get a full feel for what it was like to be at that game read Rhino’s Ramblings: 50/50 & A Warriors Game.

Municipal By-Election

There is officially a by-election underway, in Moose Jaw, to elect Don Mitchell's replacement as the City's sixth Councillor. The four candidates for the job, Heather Eby, Mike Bachiu, Doug Blanc and Steven White, are now hard on the campaign trail. We interviewed each of them and asked them the questions we think Moose Javians would like answered before they take to the voting stations. Click the links below and find out and explore your voting options.

10 Questions for Doug Blanc

10 Questions for Steven White

10 Questions for Heather Eby

10 Questions for Mike Bachiu

Photo Radar

You know those photo radar boxes you see around the city? You know, the ones siphoning money from the pockets of people who drive too fast? Well, those things are now a permanent fixture in Moose Jaw, so get used to seeing them and get used to checking your speed or your wallet’s gonna get a little slimmer.

We got the dirt on how much money they bring in and on, shockingly, how much they cost to operate.

Read: A Photo Radar Breakdown.

We even contacted one of your local MLA's and had him answer some questions which happen to be surrounded by controversy; like, is photo radar just a tax grab? and does photo radar reflect badly on the Sask Party?

Read: Photo Radar Becomes Permanent: Michelson Answers to Controversy


SaskMusic announced some pretty cool events that should greatly improve the music scene in the province and add a few more exceptional events worth taking in.

We will now have an Official Saskatchewan Music Week and with that comes, among many fantastic music-related events, a Saskatchewan Music Awards and something called Very Prairie: A Saskatchewan Music Summit.


Lives Lived

Judge Gerald “Jerry” King, passed away suddenly on September 17th, he was 81 years old. Many people in the city have memories of the judge. Some beguiling him for how hard he was in court and others highlighting how compassionate he was. One of our columnists penned a touching tribute to him,

Read: Lives Lived: Judge Jerry King

Elon Musk


Although not necessarily news, this revelation about Elon Musk was incredibly popular on our website. Musk is a multi-billionaire investor and industrialist, he is a founder of PayPal and CEO of Tesla and he is currently building rockets destined for Mars. Well, it turns out Elon Musk has some history here in Moose Jaw. It’s where his grandparents met.

Read: Elon Musk’s Fascinating History With Moose Jaw

Are you behind the times? Read last week’s edition of The Week That Was and get caught up.